It's me!

Kosh Is.....: Cool/Calm

An ancient fembot in the UK.
Date of manufacture: April 22nd 1978

Qdamus -he ain't heavy, he's my brother.

If you have come to me asking for donations, borrowing gold asking if you can draw/paint my avatar for gold or items, you have wasted your time and spoilt your chance of ever receiving one.

A word of warning: I'm Nonsexual, that means I have no desire to go have sex with anyone...However I do understand innuendo and dirty jokes/kidding etc.
I am capable of giving advice so don't mark me as unfriendly.

I have officially left Gaiaonline the place has lost its magic in my eyes You may see me on Google+ and Facebook.

I roleplay here although it needs more members and an overhaul.