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-Guild Wars 2
-Mass Effect 3 (for the nth time!)
-Skyrim (for the nth time!)

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So sleepy. >w<


.:~About Me~:.
I've been on this site since 2006.
Currently attending a local community college.
Majoring in International Studies.
I spend a lot of time playing video games and talking about them.
I have the horrible habit of answering questions I know the answers to.
Rhetorical ones, as well.
I dislike talking on phones and prefer using an IM system.
I'm on Reddit. Come find me.
Ask me anything. Don't be afraid.

.:~Art/Sign Section~:.
Consists of Avi Art and Banners. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif
[X][Gif by Yesterdays Salvation]
[X]I drew this one.. I SUCK. xD
[X][Banner by Krad Raef XIII]
[X][Art by Fourteenth]
[X][Art by Ichijin Oroshi]
[X][Art by Fourteenth. NPC is Nicolae.]
[X][Gif by Stroodle Man]
[X][Art by a l l u d e r e]
[X][Art by `Katsume]
[X][Art by Flowers For Demon Horns]
[X][Chibi Heads that I drew.]
[X][Art by Regran]
[X][Art by Colors; NOTE: I'm the random/crazy one.]
[X][Couple Art by Monkey King Scar]
[X][Art by `Katsume]
[X][Art by Monkey King Scar]
[X][Art by Colors]
[X][Art made by friedmaki]
[X][Art made by Paki Everfire]
[X][Art made by Neliel Tu Oderschwank]
[X][Art made by Kimmykinzz]
[X][Art made by Torikai]
[X][Art made by Prince Chezuri][NOTE: This is my OC, Lily.]
[X][Art made by blakely]
[X][Art made by Luciine/xo.Sakura]
[X][Free Art by Super Awesome User]
[X][Banner made by Yesterdays Salvation]
[X}] [Halloween 2k9 Event Art by psychofirewitch]
[X][Art by Lhye]
[X][Art by [color=emo]]
[X][Art by tewny]

.:~Still questing Avi Art and Signs!~:.


Day to night, dark to light,
Fall the sands of time.
Let the years like the gears
Of a clock unwind
In your mind walk through time
Back to better days.
Memories, like a dream,
Wash your tears away.
Like a star in the sky darkness can't reach you.
Light the night, joy is light 'til the new dawn.
Cast away your old face
Full of gloom and spite.
With this mask I will ask
To borrow your light.


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Thy Fairy

Report | 03/30/2014 3:05 pm

Thy Fairy

That sounds great. Good luck with everything. You definitely know what you want.
Thy Fairy

Report | 03/22/2014 5:03 pm

Thy Fairy

Of course I would have to figure out what I want to do. Currently I am an unregistered vet tech. I do all the same things as a registered tech I just haven't gone to school for it. What made you get into that?
Thy Fairy

Report | 03/22/2014 7:18 am

Thy Fairy

My kids are 8 years, 3 years, and 5 months. And that sounds amazing. Would you be an ambassador for another country with that kind of degree? Good luck with it.
Thy Fairy

Report | 03/21/2014 8:49 am

Thy Fairy

That' cool. What is it you are going for? I don't remember if I ever asked you. I wish I was in college. Too busy having to work and deal with the kids.......not really an excuse but it would be easier when the baby is older.
Thy Fairy

Report | 03/19/2014 7:55 pm

Thy Fairy

Well, I hope its going good. How much longer do you have?
Thy Fairy

Report | 03/01/2014 9:50 am

Thy Fairy

I am doing great. Until my children start to drive me crazy then......not so much lol. How are you?
Thy Fairy

Report | 02/25/2014 5:52 pm

Thy Fairy


Report | 11/03/2013 8:35 pm


Busy... very very busy. How have you been hon?

Report | 11/01/2013 12:58 am


__ - 0Diclonius0 - __

Report | 07/01/2013 1:12 pm

__ - 0Diclonius0 - __

Thank you for your purchase! Please come again.
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Y'all need Talos up in here.

Thank you for the ring, Phantom. <3
HOLY-! Thanks for the gift, Silly Sender!