Soul Eater, Nichijou, ALL Key, FMA, Gurren Lagann, Yotsuba&!, Shuffle!, Panty and Stocking, Ao Haru Ride
... and many, many more.

TV Shows:
Bones, Psych, The Office,
Burn Notice, Revenge, Rugrats,
The Mentalist, Monk, New Girl
Alice in Wonderland, Speak,
13 Reasons Why, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, The BFG
The Used, Disturbed, Korn, N*Sync, Dubstep, Good Charlotte, Trance, Linkin Park, RHCP, Green Day
... just not rap or country.
Other things I like:
Sudoku, Mochi, Pocky, PEZZ, Candles, Sculpting, Couponing, Web Design, Candy Cigarettes, Poking, Drawing, Cosplaying, Board Games.
Things I don't like:
Sing Alongs, Live Action Anime, Writing Essays, Violence/Horror, Small Spiders, Crowds, Christmas Music.


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Me in Brief:
✖ Amy
✖ 21 Years Old
✖ 5' Short
✖ Clumsy
✖ Proud Otaku
✖ Gaian since 2005

Pics for Proof:

About my Username:
My username is a special name given to me by a friend. It
comes from two names. Eko is from Ekop, which is
"poke" backwards. Skotzi is my group. It means "Skittle Nazi."

Please feel free to message me! :3
I'm not very active anymore since this inflation is stupid.


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Scratch Paper

One of those random notebooks that have a variety of doodles, notes, homework, and even secrets... No order in pages, no one purpose.


Poem : Taproot

I know who you are...