i have a new blog for articles i've written + it serves as a portfolio for my work

check it out if u want, i'm great x
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Madame Demure on 08/01/2015
LoIica on 07/26/2015
Fifty Shades of XO on 07/26/2015
Childish Royal on 07/24/2015
hermaphroditie on 07/24/2015

Lottie, 20, British, Bisexual, English Literature student

Talk to me about p much anything lol
i dont tend to pm but thats prob cos i dont get any anyway????
but books, ASOIAF n zombie films are prob ur best bets i guess

u prob found me in the cb didnt u lol

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crushing on me?
cmmnt me

i love oddy lmao

honestly the only person i still like on gaia is notagainnn lol
like hes been husband material since day 1 so catch up i guess if u can
love u dom

IG: lottie.st
ask for anythin else but honestly if i dont know u then dont lol???