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Hello and welcome!
I am honored that you, oh mighty gaian, decided to visit my humble profile
My name is Eimana as you might have noticed, but friends often call me
either Ei or Mana. I'm 20 and pretty much on the weird side. I'll try my best
to write as much information as possible but not giving away too much wink
So I'll just start with what I like and what I dislike. Honestly, I have so many
things that I like, idk where to start. But I'll give it a try.

As you might have noticed by my profiles pictures, I'm a huge anime fan.
The genre I usually watch is either action, adventure, psychological or
horror, so I'm usually up to date with all anime containing these genres.
I hate, hate, HATE slice of life. In my opinion it's the most boring genre
that has ever existed on the surface of earth. Can't watch 3 seconds of it
without falling asleep -.-" Currently my favorite anime is HunterxHunter and
it's been holding the first place quite firmly. My favorite character is also from the show.
Is it Gon? No of course not. Killua? Haha, nope! It can't be... D:
User Image

Sadistic AND masochistic, a complete pervert and *****, there is no
gayer person on that show than him and yet he still manages to be the best
******** villain of that show, totally creepy, selfish and evil. HISOKA <3 Like... if you haven't
watched HxH, YOU'RE MISSING OUT DUDE! Don't ask me why I like such a

Now let's move on to NUMBER 2: ROLEPLAYING
I'm a huge fan of writing. Unfortunately never have the patience to finish any
of the stories I've begun xD I should just write oneshots heh <.< BUT! RPING!
Rping is a whole new dimension. It's so beautiful when u see the story unfold
right in front of your eyes as you contribute with each of your post to the plot.
I consider myself semi-literate to literate and also expect my roleplay
partners to be of the same level. I just feel like throwing the towel and quit
when people simply can't bother with writing a post which is at least a two
paragraphs long. I prefer group roleplays rather than one on one, however
sometimes, if the plot that is offered to me seems interesting enough, I might
agree after all biggrin
Oh I also like it when people make their post pretty. It's a HUGE bonus for me.
I will usually spend HOURS on decorating the post with pictures and symbols
and... ugh, so much stuff x.x But it's so worth it in the end. I feel so happy c':

I used to hate reading... like... 2 years ago I absolutely loathed touching
a book even with my pinky... like wtf, what a stupid and crazy person RIGHT! But then...
HARRY POTTER HAPPENED! I watched all the movies... and then... BOOM!
FANFICTION! Holly s**t, did I read a lot of that s**t... still do... totally
obsessed with it xD But that was also my ticket to the wonderful world of books. I haven't read many books yet. The only ones I have are The Maze Runner and currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring, I love the fantasy genre. The authors have absolutely brilliant brains I swear. To come up
with such amazing things! But yeah, I'm so very glad I got introduced to the beautiful world of books. Can't wait to read more biggrin If you have any
recommendations, please tell me,I'll immediately add it to my READ FOR

Ahahaha, this is getting kinda long xD So I'll simply stop here. If you wanna
know me better just pm me <3 I'll probably scare you away with my personality though razz

Bye bye cat_4laugh