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Hello and welcome!
I am honored that you, oh mighty gaian, decided to visit my humble profile
My name is Eimana as you might have noticed, but friends often call me
either Ei or Mana. I'm 20 and pretty much on the weird side. I'll try my best
to write as much information as possible but not giving away too much wink
So I'll just start with what I like and what I dislike. Honestly, I have so many
things that I like, idk where to start. But I'll give it a try.

As you might have noticed by my profiles pictures, I'm a huge anime fan.
The genre I usually watch is either action, adventure, psychological or
horror, so I'm usually up to date with all anime containing these genres.
I hate, hate, HATE slice of life. In my opinion it's the most boring genre
that has ever existed on the surface of earth. Can't watch 3 seconds of it
without falling asleep -.-" Currently my favorite anime is HunterxHunter and
it's been holding the first place quite firmly. My favorite character is also from the show.
Is it Gon? No of course not. Killua? Haha, nope! It can't be... D:
User Image

Sadistic AND masochistic, a complete pervert and *****, there is no
gayer person on that show than him and yet he still manages to be the best
******** villain of that show, totally creepy, selfish and evil. HISOKA <3 Like... if you haven't
watched HxH, YOU'RE MISSING OUT DUDE! Don't ask me why I like such a

Now let's move on to NUMBER 2: WRITING
I've always loved writing. At first it started with roleplaying, which i started HORRUBLY seeing as I was 13 years old and my english grammar skills were those of a toddler. Goodness, I would love to forget those embarresing days, alas those days shaped me into the monster I am now xD
However, recently I've been enjoying writing fanfiction a LOT, especially Self Insert fanfiction. They make the story so good, having someone with future knowldege spices the story up!

If anyone is interested in reading any of my stuff, below is a link to my fanfiction profile. Two of my stories are self-insert fics (Naruto and HxH), another two OC fics (Inuyasha and the other is abandoned ;-; ) and two others are HPLV fics (Harry Potter).

My Fanfiction Account!

So if you're curious what my writing is like, then pls check me out!

If you're curious what I am like and you wanna know me better just pm me <3 I'll probably scare you away with my personality anyways razz

Bye bye cat_4laugh