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Report | 03/04/2008 12:25 pm

Bunny _beam

Uhhh....I look to your pic....and I thing about teh hair (most)....why???(you see my hair is 1,50metre right now)....
Violence_is_all_the_RAGE's avatar

Report | 02/29/2008 12:41 pm


[Random Comment="-lerape-

Heyo baby!

What's happenin'?"]
demonic_angelic_fire's avatar

Report | 02/28/2008 5:30 pm


hi i was told to rape your profile. HARD. by your siggy. your avi is awesome and i love the profile randomness. btw i too have a bear that talks to me.

::random comment::
Domia abr Garjzla's avatar

Report | 02/28/2008 9:14 am

Domia abr Garjzla

Ahhh! Its Ego! Ahhh!....lol, i need to talk to my prof about my oral report...ugh... and i ahve to have a comparison paper due in 2 class periods from now..UGH!!!!
Domia abr Garjzla's avatar

Report | 02/27/2008 6:50 pm

Domia abr Garjzla

Hey Ego..... I'm lonely.
Domia abr Garjzla's avatar

Report | 02/26/2008 9:54 am

Domia abr Garjzla

I think I may vomit sometime soon.
cherrii KING's avatar

Report | 02/26/2008 9:30 am

cherrii KING

That sounds....

Kinky! lmao.

cherrii KING's avatar

Report | 02/25/2008 11:45 am

cherrii KING

That's soo weird! I had a dream with Kyo last night, and I come on Gaia to see that profile comment.

ESP! >_<
Domia abr Garjzla's avatar

Report | 02/24/2008 11:29 pm

Domia abr Garjzla

Hey if u get back on, look at my avi, i added a bloody arm wrap for that scene wher he had blood all over his arm.
guiltyxbyxdesign's avatar

Report | 02/24/2008 3:37 pm


nice pro
darrian_iko's avatar

Report | 02/24/2008 2:09 pm


i like your avvie
Domia abr Garjzla's avatar

Report | 02/23/2008 8:26 pm

Domia abr Garjzla

Nice flaming Avi
Domia abr Garjzla's avatar

Report | 02/23/2008 5:10 pm

Domia abr Garjzla


Cosmic Love Dealer's avatar

Report | 02/21/2008 11:19 pm

Cosmic Love Dealer

It's now or never, comrade.

-=Pulls out another pair of shades

and sticks out tongue, readying

for the dance with a stretch.=-

Let's do this.

-=strikes a pose=-
~Lakao~'s avatar

Report | 02/21/2008 10:47 pm



Why did you get 'em?

And what did you get?

I would love to get a piercing. D;

I'm good, just bored.


;moans loudly and shudder;

You haven't done that in a long time.

~Lakao~'s avatar

Report | 02/21/2008 4:26 pm


Love your new picture.


How have you been?

Smuuglie's avatar

Report | 02/20/2008 9:47 pm


Where are you babyyyy X_X im all scared and anxious because I havent talk to you ever since I got up X_X Did you get your new tatt? Did anythign go wrong? did someone kill you? Did someone rape you? X_____X


Gosh seriouly I miss you Amanda. XD I hope I get to talk to you tomorrow, I miss you so much, I miss you beyond words =(
Cosmic Love Dealer's avatar

Report | 02/19/2008 4:49 pm

Cosmic Love Dealer


-=Lowers voice and looks around

to make sure no-one heard=-

Plan Hooker is dangerous... isn't

Plan Cat 'o' Nine Tails less risky?

-=Straightens leather sword strap

over shoulder, adjusting shades.=-
Owl Hug's avatar

Report | 02/19/2008 6:37 am

Owl Hug

That would be cool. I am kind of careful at the moment. You know my thread I had and you may or may not remember someone came in and ranted about the fact I was trying to make people donate, blah blah blah. I got a warning by a mod and had to give the donations all back. That added up to a bit of gold. Bummer. Anyway, I see you have finished your quest?? That is brilliant. User Image
Smuuglie's avatar

Report | 02/19/2008 3:51 am


Hun... drunk this potion, DO EEET
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