I want to meet that special someone..that will say '' I was born to be with you''
-Fruits Basket-

♥Welcome Lovelys to Kins Profile!♥

BeWare Eevee's In Progress Of Playing..Do Not Disturb

What is there to say about me?First thing I go by Eevee,Irl and Online the name stayed with me for awhile,I'm 21 and I have a job,I also have 2 cute chihuahuas that I love so much.I recently started my Eevee Collection a few months back when I found a community in LiveJournal called pkmncollectorsits a awesome site,anyways I watch anime and enjoy it,I always draw on my spare time.I'm a nice person and friendly and try to be helpful if I can.I'm a big Art-Whore on this site! so many of the pieces you see where probably purchased or were freebies by many gaian's.I have 4 Main Oc's who I enjoy buying art of,I prefer Oc Art then Avatar Art.I love playing my Ds and Saving the world hehe,I think I'm a nerd/pokenerd/animefreak and I'm proud of it.I'm also on a cool avi site called Ernya,you can find me on there My username is Eevee...Anyways..
Feel free to chat with me I dont bite
If you wanna know about me just hit me up!By Pm.Eevee Out!
Any kick-a** artist feel free to pm me your samples!


More about Me
Eevee Mood: Wondering Around
Favorite Anime:Vampire Knight Guilty/Bleach/Naruto/DN Angel/Loveless/OHSHC/Blood X and many more..
Fav Manga:Kamichama Karin n Pita-Ten
Current Game Playing:Lunar Knights,Fire Emblem,My World,My Way!,Digimon Dusk,Pokemon Diamond and Platinum
Interest:Anime,Drawing,Video Games,Pokemon, LiveJournal,DevianArt,Runescape,EBay ,HappyPets,Empire Online,Facebook,AvatarFight,LINE PLAY,Pokemon X,Elemental Knights Online,Otome APP Games
HobbiesDrawing,Selling/Buying Poke Merchandise
PetsI own one pup,R.I.P Wizard :[
Status: Single ^-^
Age: 25
Location: Texas

Words That Describe Me:

You can find me on..
Empire Online App : Espeon
Runescape:Sheshoumara,Just be sure to say who you are lol
Ernya: Eevee,Hardly on.
Poke Friend Code: 1204 9184 2994

(awesome pixel and Trainer Card by Zane Ouvrez le Chien)

[--My Kawaii Puppy--]

This is my Puppy She Cute huh?She NOT FOR SALE!! XD! She is a female
chihuahua pure breed,Got her for my 20th B-Day Yay she my lil baby girl and I love to spoil her and buy her toys,Be warn she likes to fight other dogs
and she can do a lil dance she is very smart and talented yup,Maybe someday i can get her a lil Bf?Her name is Misa Chan she needs a cute L Kun to snuggle up with her.Her favorite toy is her Kangaroo Plushy her favorite outfit would be her Mickey Mouse shirt and her favorite food be chicken nuggets lol she begs alot.Well thats all about Misa no stealing her Mommy thats me or she bite you.

-My Gaian-

I found Gaia in 03,From a yahoo role playing friend.
It didn't interest me as much as it does now.It was way diffrent
from what it is now,I was active n inactive since I had other game addiction's.
I'm a nice Gaian but I can be a bish at times oh well we all have are moment.
I hate faker's I hate copycats you will be B Slapped.I'm a proud art whore!
I dont have any items to quest since I have all I actually ''want'' not ''need''.
I dont show off since I know that brings in the beggars and friends that only want you for your gold.If you wanna be my friend then be yourself and dont be fake,if you wanna give me art it is appreciated and you be tipped. <3

[[-My Interest-]]

* I Love Anime,Im a Big Anime Freak..not a Otaku..I have been to few anime conventions~
*I'm also a Pokemon Fan,How can you Hate Pokemon?
*I like to collect art and see the many diffrent styles ^-^,I wish I could draw better but for now I be buying art not selling lol.
*I like Going shopping...Online..Ebay is heaven..
*People that interest me..anime lovers and pokemon fans,also normal random people c: Im not picky and I dont judge people based on there Gaia Avi
*I love Playing Video Games..and Saving The World ^^,I guess Im a Gamer lol.
*Other interest hmh..I love chinese food omg owo
*Guys?Yes they interest me especially the cute shy ones aww..you just want to mess with them xD

My Eevee Collection
Fear it,Envy it,Love it!!

Close Up!

-Eevee's Oc Eevee's! -
These 2 i created while back and got artist to re-draw them ^^

Kio The Dark Eevee

Shi The Angelic Eevee

''Trash will be treated as Trash''


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Mana in the Mirror

Report | 04/19/2014 6:21 am

Mana in the Mirror

Another new avatar!?
^_^ it's cute!
Mana in the Mirror

Report | 04/18/2014 6:36 pm

Mana in the Mirror

I am thinking about investing some money into an animal avatar.they are way cute
Ugh I have to redo my profile. It's so hideous.
Mana in the Mirror

Report | 04/18/2014 6:31 pm

Mana in the Mirror

Nothing wrong with that!
I'm digging the new animal avatars you can have. They are super cute!
Mana in the Mirror

Report | 04/18/2014 2:10 pm

Mana in the Mirror

Oh goodness! That's a lot of outfits saved! :O
Mana in the Mirror

Report | 04/18/2014 2:02 pm

Mana in the Mirror

Yay for outfit changes! :3
Mana in the Mirror

Report | 04/18/2014 1:53 pm

Mana in the Mirror

That's true enough. :3
your avatar is way cute by the way.
Mana in the Mirror

Report | 04/18/2014 1:49 pm

Mana in the Mirror

It really is crazy! >~<
But it's good to see that items are a bit easier to get if you're willing to depend actual money
Mana in the Mirror

Report | 04/17/2014 10:50 pm

Mana in the Mirror

I'm doing well!
I'm confused as to what happened to Gaia!
I see all these inflated items in the marketplace and have no idea how to comprehend it. Lol
Mana in the Mirror

Report | 04/17/2014 10:47 pm

Mana in the Mirror

How's it going? :3
Mana in the Mirror

Report | 04/17/2014 10:30 pm

Mana in the Mirror

Hey Eevee!


Eevee Loves = Art/Gifts/Pokemon/Anime
Eevee is A = Dorky Nerdy Anime Lover & Pokemon Trainer
I'm addicted to : Pokemon X,EKO,GaiaOnline
Im Just That Nerdy Eevee Girl ♥ (๑╹∀╹๑ )