I want to meet that special someone..that will say '' I was born to be with you''
-Fruits Basket-

♥Welcome Friends to Kins Profile!♥

(art by Pohoku)
BeWare Nerdy Pokemon Trainer Alert

About Me
Im just that nerdy Eevee Girl,what more can I say?

Eevee Mood: Happy !
Favorite Anime:Uta-No prince Sama,Kamigami No Asobi,Dog days,Vampire Knight Guilty/Bleach/Naruto/DN Angel/Loveless/OHSHC/Blood X and many more..
Fav Manga:Kamichama Karin n Pita-Ten
Current Game Playing:Lunar Knights,Fire Emblem,My World,My Way!,Digimon Dusk,Pokemon Diamond and Platinum
Interest:Anime,Drawing,Video Games,Pokemon, LiveJournal,DevianArt,Runescape,EBay ,HappyPets,Empire Online,Facebook,AvatarFight,LINE PLAY,Pokemon X,Elemental Knights Online,Otome APP Games,Sword of Phantasia
HobbiesDrawing,Selling/Buying Poke Merchandise
Status: Single ^-^
Age: 26
Location: Texas

(art by my RL Friend Kitty,she not on gaia anymore sadly)
Words That Describe Me:

(art by Kainbunny)
You can find me on..
Empire Online App : Espeon
Elemental Knights Online : Eevee & Absol
Ernya: Eevee,Hardly on.
Poke Friend Code X : 4527-7865-7008
[KiK]: EeveeTrainer

[--My Kawaii Puppy--]

This is my Puppy She Cute huh?She NOT FOR SALE!! XD! She is a female
chihuahua pure breed,Got her for my 20th B-Day Yay she my lil baby girl and I love to spoil her and buy her toys,Be warn she likes to fight other dogs
and she can do a lil dance she is very smart and talented yup,Maybe someday i can get her a lil Bf?Her name is Misa Chan she needs a cute L Kun to snuggle up with her.Her favorite toy is her Kangaroo Plushy her favorite outfit would be her Mickey Mouse shirt and her favorite food be chicken nuggets lol she begs alot.Well thats all about Misa no stealing her Mommy thats me or she bite you.

-My Gaian-

(art by IamKagamineRin)
I found Gaia in 03,From a yahoo role playing friend.
It didn't interest me as much as it does now.It was way different
from what it is now,I was active n inactive since I had other game addiction's.
I'm a nice Gaian but I can be quiet at times with new friends,Im a bit over protective of my friends once Im close to them.I dont like drama I try to stay away from that,I do enjoy randomly donating as a anon ^_^,Im questing to many things as Gaia keeps making lots of new items along with re-colors,My big quest is to collect all RIG pets! My main quest is to get at least one Purpura </3,I used to collect art alot but for now im on Hiatus on art collecting,but I do try the freebie forums <3 there filled with many kind and talented artist! Currently on Gaia all I do is Buy Rig's and Gamble on them ^_^.

[[-My Interest-]]

(art by Pleasure77)
* I Love Anime,Im a Big Anime Freak..not a Otaku..I have been to few anime conventions~
*I'm also a Pokemon Fan,How can you Hate Pokemon?
*I like to collect art and see the many diffrent styles ^-^,I wish I could draw better but for now I be buying art not selling lol.
*I like Going shopping...Online..Ebay is heaven..
*People that interest me..anime lovers and pokemon fans,also normal random people c: Im not picky and I dont judge people based on there Gaia Avi
*I love Playing Video Games..and Saving The World ^^,I guess Im a Gamer lol.
*Other interest hmh..I love chinese food omg owo
*Guys?Yes they interest me especially the cute shy ones aww..you just want to mess with them xD

My Eevee Collection
Fear it,Envy it,Love it!!

Current Eevee Plushes Owned: 90

Close Up! on Eeveelution Figures

-Eevee's Pokemon X Trainer -
If you love my trainer why not draw her? With her rare dark and light Eevee's!
PM for more for reference,I tip all freebie art ^_^!

Kio The Dark and Shi The Light Eevee's
I created them,there my OC Pokemon,do not steal!
Art was a old commission,sadly i cant remember the Gaian name @-@

''Trash will be treated as Trash''


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N0 Longer Human

Report | 01/08/2017 10:29 pm

N0 Longer Human

Thanks for buying! biggrin
Gasai Shizuka

Report | 01/06/2017 11:24 pm

Gasai Shizuka

Thank you for buying yum_puddi
Peroxide Swing

Report | 01/03/2017 8:07 pm

Peroxide Swing

Thank you! emotion_bigheart

Report | 01/01/2017 4:38 pm


Thanks tough
Happy New Year as well!
Lady Yukiji

Report | 12/25/2016 9:48 am

Lady Yukiji

You're very welcome. Thank you, happy holidays!

Report | 12/24/2016 10:56 pm



Report | 06/01/2016 8:34 pm


heart heart heart heart
I Yume I

Report | 01/08/2016 10:20 pm

I Yume I

User Image

Yeah, it slowly started going down hill, I think ever since the first year because Emy
wasn't very good at choosing staff members xD There was a lot of drama and changing up in the staff throughout
the years it existed. I'm actually kind of surprised it existed as long as it did o.o

Ohh! That makes sense lol I stocked up hardcore on a bunch of items I couldn't buy previously xD I was afraid they would
go back up again before I got the chance to grab them haha

Yeah I was kind of surprised because they never really talked about it, but I guess Prez was already engaged to someone else
after a year of the break up with Emy which kind of made me go "Hmmm >.>" lol

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I Yume I

Report | 01/08/2016 9:18 pm

I Yume I

User Image

Oh yeah same I guess lol Ernya was the only thing that kept me away xD
I'm glad now that I came back that there's so many cheap items, but I wonder where the deflation came from o.o
Do you have any idea? I feel like I missed a lot lol

Nope they gave a bs reason and didn't warn anyone of it happening and later I found out that
Emy and Prez had relationship issues and split. It seems to point in that direction somewhat lol
It sucks when relationships are brought into an online site..They had their fb up for 4-5 days afterwards
and waited to tell everyone they shut it down til 2-3 days after it happened >.> And then after people got on
their case over it they closed the fb. I was one of the people who were there since soon after it first opened

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I Yume I

Report | 01/07/2016 10:43 pm

I Yume I

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Eevee! Didn't know you still came on here lol
I stopped for a while, but then the only other avi site I went to (you remember ernya?) went down without warning
x.x Kind of sucked but I guess there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes

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Eevee Loves = Pokemon/Anime/Art/Otome/Gaming
Eevee is A = Dorky Nerdy Anime Lover & Pokemon Trainer & Gamer Addict
Me a Otaku? what gave it away... (๑╹∀╹๑ )