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o btw, you can ask me anything http://ask.fm/anon_ymes


you dunce D:<

ask me anything http://ask.fm/anon_ymes
^ updated 23:36;04.24.14; dat sudden spam of questions =)))

early am;04.25.14 ZeroDarkMatter: best husbando eva <3 #insta-married LOOOOOOL (rofl) (actually ask him lololol #confused)

early am;04.25.14 meeting and being with such good people surely brings out the good in me. it's been a while ;u; @SatansLittleSister0fD00m @ZeroDarkMatter

01:19;04.22.14 Chiroi: my confidence booster and reminder that my art is worth something ;u; more like 'worth a lot'

pm;04.22.14 crai help i need emotional and patience management blah blahs ;n;

01:39;04.22.14 oh my. it feels so heartwarming to see people use the drawings/doodles you do for them #feelssoloved

04.21.14 okay 'back'. back to finishing artsu too crai piled up nao dear customers thank you for being so patient ;u;

pm;04.21.14 while ym reg-ing, killing nf, me telling the crew to r4 and someone saying 'NO don't r2,3,4!' "sheesh why are you so afraid to die/daze? it's part of the process" oh yeah i love me. with @catalist dre15 @MY757 et. al.

04.16.14 will be away for the rest of the days in observance of the holy week.

20:19;04.16.14 Used to be DRUNK: my reality check and (external) reason (HAHA i needed an external brain for proper reasoning wow) #labeling #realization kinda

pm;04.15.14 first time bl tanking = fail. dammit with all the time and powerups wasted. forever gratitude to those who were patient enough with me. screw to the judgemental/degrading 'pros'. i'll be great too someday you dunces.

02:22;04.15.14 for the first time in my gaia life i felt envious of such a pretty avi @Chiroi i'm so so sorry @MomSam //removes your avi from my profile
to mom: my envy is something good so don't nid it; it means i find much beauty so huehue

02:16;04.15.14 eh? i'm still in it... ? "i 'still belong'?" sigh so confused

04.14.14 ❝ everything is good... was so good... while it lasted... ❞ see 02:16;04.15.14

04.12.14 ❝ #taiheeeehh ❞ by tai

05:57;04.13.14 convo with **** "as if i'd get into 1 (bl crew). i don't have any connections anymore." see 02:16;04.15.14

13:42;04.12.14 idek if they are already flirting with me. or i might be entertaining this idiotic situation myself... crai. help pls... ;A;

22:33;04.11.14 "i'm a dare davil, did you not know? =)) i just can't go all out 'cause i'm scared for their well being haha"

04.10.14;22:02 "if there's one thing i should remember for today, it to not doubt myself... which is really rather hard OTL"

04.09.14;15:44 thanks for ye who appreciate and compliment and what not; it helps improve confidence and self trust etc. thanks really c":

04.08.14;13:09 ❝ the bitter, the better ❞ -w- green tea

04.07.14;13:02 ❝ brb getting a life ❞ okay not back; gotta go on trainings for employment. crai.

04.07.14;03:11 waiting...

04.06.14;20:32 kinda back. but 'busy' finishing commissions. < won't stop my addict-ness going online tho. huehue

04.05.14;08:03 ❝ My like/love for you is now nothing but an accumulating (ball of) hatred. I hope it eats you up (instead of me), which is rather impossible... But whatever. You could never even be bothered (more than ever). ❞

black natal > anonymes > inconnuea > slooowpoooke > eeehh > [reserved new-name slot ;p ]

*makes grabby hands*

oh you stalker *troll face*

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