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Alright so I really don't know what to put about myself here anymore. There have been so many different changes over the last few years. I guess if you are new and want to get to know me, by all means ask. I have always had and always will have an open door policy. Compared to most people, I comport myself the same here as I do in real life. What you get is the real me, which is rare online. Also if I count you among one of my friends, know that means I don't consider you a 'gaia friend' it means I consider you a friend like one I could go see at their house. That implies my trust in you as well, so don't burn me.


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BloodWitch15 Report | 06/26/2015 9:49 pm
Gaia is a b***h tonight
Rarian Report | 06/26/2015 9:40 pm
Yeah well, S'all good. Going to Towns with us?
Rarian Report | 06/26/2015 9:37 pm
... you go quiet, and I find myself wondering if I went too far. Damn if that isn't annoying.
BloodWitch15 Report | 06/26/2015 9:26 pm
You should find us wink
Rarian Report | 06/26/2015 9:26 pm
My boredom actually, already having to resort to word editing to exaggerate your point? It is ok, just accept your freakish tallness and my normal-height will not intimidate you anymore.
Rarian Report | 06/26/2015 9:18 pm
Good evening Giant.
BloodWitch15 Report | 06/26/2015 9:17 pm
Fairly well, about to meet Rari in towns
BloodWitch15 Report | 06/22/2015 3:15 pm
Sounds like a good one. I pretty much blew off an hour of work cause my partner and I went to the vendor 2 counties over and not the one 6 blocks over. Didn't phase him though, he got to sit in the air conditioning while I drove Miss Daisy.
BloodWitch15 Report | 06/22/2015 10:13 am
Lol true. And days like these I appreciate the 619 more, cause while it feels a little muggy, at least I'm not actually drinking the air.

Day going okay?
BloodWitch15 Report | 06/22/2015 5:52 am
Yeeeeah, that's like 7 or 8 hours north of me.


"You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant."
Harlan Ellison

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