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Pixitella Report | 07/06/2016 7:39 am
hi edo! thank you. c; I spent it with family. emotion_bigheart
Darkerdemons Report | 06/17/2016 9:03 am
biggrin I've been updating my watch list and I noticed you've bumped a fair number of my glows recently. Thank you for the fishy love!
MagicalSecret Report | 06/16/2016 4:58 am
You're so sweet heart
Thank you~
tilasexcatt Report | 06/04/2016 4:50 am
heart heart heart heart heart heart holy crap It really does ,I had that all along and knew nothing about it eek tytyty. heart
tilasexcatt Report | 06/03/2016 12:20 pm
Wits that tiny kitty by u're head item called? I just can't find it. sweatdrop
Yogurt Man Report | 05/06/2016 10:22 am
Yogurt Man
don't be too jealous, the cushion is a liiiiiittle too firm for my taste
Yogurt Man Report | 05/06/2016 7:49 am
Yogurt Man
LOL I got a new office chair, it spins so smooth.
Pirate Dirge Report | 04/19/2016 4:52 am
Pirate Dirge
I just realized I never answered you back! Life is pretty good here--also stressful--and we're waiting to hear how some things are going to turn out for us. I've been keeping busy with my yarn-dyeing business and the kids. I'm still adjusting from the time change and overtired. wahmbulance
Pirate Dirge Report | 04/12/2016 8:58 am
Pirate Dirge
You look to be back on Gaia fairly regularly! How is life, Edo? emotion_hug
angel allure Report | 04/11/2016 1:09 pm
angel allure
I would love to help cheer you on. emotion_yatta I could use a little motivation myself. Since we have #'s, we could check in daily or something? I can't really get serious about it until after this upcoming weekend (I have plans for visiting some relatives), but I can definitely help cheer you on.
Any particular branch of work you're looking into? Ahh, I'd love to see you drawing again.