Name: Edward Stevens Eli D

Age: 20

B-Day: February 11th

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Darkish Brown

I graduated from TSOTA (Tacoma School of the Arts) for film in 2010, other than that I do voice work for fan dubs.

I'm currently a full time student and part time English and Writing Tutor at my college. For my free time I work with my friend, Malunis, on a comic series we hope to push out by sometime next year (sadly these take time.)

Occasionally I work on a fandub of Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro, though currently it's on hold.


If you guys couldn't guess, my girlfriend is Sellesion (first on my friend list,) and she's my GF in real life. I love her more than anything and I'd do anything to be with her, so if you want to try and get between us, be my guest, but you cant even start to imagine what I'll do to you.

-My awesome people of Gaia list:-

Sellesion -- shes just the most wonderful person in the world, like, uber special to me. Theres never a time she doesnt bring up my day from her smile, or warmth she gives and I just cant help but love her. She shouldnt be on this list, she should be on the close to my heart list.

Angelic_Rhapsody -- for she is like way past awesomeness, and was the one that brought the super cool word 'cooly' to me. She also does a voice of a character in my fandom stuff as well as she does the character art for it, and is BTW an AMAZING artist, you need to check her out, really shes way past cool...y

Meg the pshyco b***h -- for she is the sweetest person ever! I love talking to her, yet not being able to lately which makes me feel bad. Shes been here for me as I have for her for the past 7 years and I really care for her like family.

RainThunder7 -- When you want to talk of best friends here's mine, he's close enough to be my brother and as I'm not one to want more brothers that says something. Mal is great and we got alot in common, we can end up talking about random things that just seems so important to us if you're someone listening in.

Miss-_-Madikins -- Shes a good friend from high school, she's always fun and in a good mood with a nice big (kinda creepy) smile on her which brings others up (or like me, creeps them out.) It's also fun to correct her grammar as she gets really mad at it. One of my best pals here, so be nice!

Suicidal_freack -- My best friend, I dont know what I would do without her. She's a great friend and knows hows to be one, I may seem like I take advantage of her friendship, but thats the last thing that I would ever do. I know she knows that if she needs anything from me I'll jump to the chance and wouldnt expect anything in return. Shes the most awesome person and I dont get how anyone could think otherwise

Thinkerofnightmares -- Yet another good friend from school, wow they just build up dont they? This one here is just really random of a person yet is nice to talk to as he can be serious when its called for it and his way of seeing both sides of a situation helps alot too.

hybrid_boy1600 -- Ahhh a good friend from school, and dont let the male avi fool you, he is really a she, and my SOTA big sis. Shes awesome and watches out for me, there are the times I get mad at her and not talk but I care for her, besides I guess she's fun to be around.

Rayvnn Fever -- A friend from my MPG (Mentor Project Group) from school, shes fun and great to talk to about ideas, shes a very crafty person too, and is always making things. Shes also a Kingdom Hearts fan, a Mad Hatter lover (though disney version *dies*) and crazy person, I mean she wears alot of green but she says its not her favorite color. *confused*

Andy_rox_12 -- My first friend ever in my whole life, we met back when we were barely 1 years old. We grew up together, and though we dont hang out together that much, when we do you can tell we're best friends, and we will be for a loooong time from now at that, I mean been friends for almost 16 years now lol

Jake417 -- Yet another friend from SOTA, I think I'll start saying something shorter than 'another friend from school.' Jake here is cool, and I get along fine with him lol, he kinda has a annoying addiction to Fullmetal Alchemist which I've seen distract him in class, which isnt that cool.

.Ravenous_Rampage. -- My humanities buddy from school. We pass notes to eachother in class and just pass the time away, the cool part is we still know whats going on in class and get all the notes we need. In fact she isnt a friend from school, but I knew her long before now but havent seen her for years till now, its great to see an old friend again.

Spazzu Drake -- My Twin! We have so much in common and had finished eachother sentences all the time. We're like eachother but as the other sex, and thats freaky, and awesome at the same time.

[ .Kitty Kat. ] -- Kitty! I kid you not, she goes by Kitty at school, we get along really well, and talk anytime we can. She and Spazzu hang out alot so I see them both at the same time, but not as often as you think. Kitty and I have a bit in common and sometimes just talk about random things at times, but some times when you see us together we're just sitting there silently.


Lars98408 -- for donating my Kiki kitty, he gets high awesome points for that, we should all thank him.

**Playing at the moment: My car ride back from Red Robins! BTW the guy in the middle of the back seat is really named Ash!**

I've been part of Gaia for more than 3 years, be free to ask me anything if confused. ^^

I have two orphans now! The one with the cat is named Suki! It means, one who is loved, and she is loved by her new family, right?

The other is named after the person she looks just like...Suzy! Who too is loved!



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This site brings back memeories, i had a chest on my screen but its gone. what do they do for you?

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hey, do you still get on here?
Tenshi Makai

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Tenshi Makai

Tenshi Makai

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Tenshi Makai

You learn to not worry too much!
Tenshi Makai

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Tenshi Makai

It's all good now!
Tenshi Makai

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Tenshi Makai

And what's with the O??? >w<
No skipping, even for red robin!
Tenshi Makai

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Tenshi Makai

Then who am I? O_O
Very nice hun. Never skip, it's just a rule.
Tenshi Makai

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Tenshi Makai

In your video I saw Ash, Paige and Possibly and Anna!

Oh by the way I'm one of Sellesion's "Amazing Sophmores", and you aren't still as TSOTA!!
Oh and Sellesion is a bridge for my humanities on Tue. Thurs. ^_^

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Thankyou for buying the wind halo from my store. mrgreen

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yep.. and I almost had it too... >w<
ya know... it would of been kinda epic if I had managed to get it that last like, 30seconds.. haha..