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A young woman begins typing about herself


Your name is TORI, and as previously mentioned you are trying to describe yourself. You are 17 years old, have a PASSION FOR COMIC BOOKS, but are TOO POOR TO PURSUE YOUR INTEREST. You also hope to one day be a FASHION DESIGNER. And you are HELLA INVESTED IN FANDOMS.

(tori stop speaking about yourself in second person you dushe) ===>

Greatings one and all and welcome to my humble profile, i enjoy talking to anyone about anything so feel free to ask a question or just chat smilies/icon_biggrin.gif im also pansexual, i love music, movies, comics and butts

Yo you should totes talk to me about
(literally anything with a fandom)
*puns (remember the BEST puns are the worst)

030 i love you


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Robotic_heart_RP Report | 09/19/2014 8:02 pm
Oh I've been... better that is-.- I hate my job still but, I have an interview for a new one tomorrow. How are you?
Robotic_heart_RP Report | 09/17/2014 9:06 pm
yo ouo
Yay Sweets Report | 09/11/2014 11:20 pm
Yay Sweets
(Sure thing. But I have to sleep now, so I'll tell you later crying I still need to comment on the other stuff you said )
Yay Sweets Report | 09/09/2014 10:03 pm
Yay Sweets
1. I knew about the Dumpster Diving c: I do it all the time.. I usually get caches, though. But sometimes I get a nice lil' item.. not really from my wishlist, but an item none the less.
2 The admin is a stupid butt. Or maybe everyone running s**t is a stupid butt. IDK, just... I can't fathom why they ignore us saying to stop with the gold gens. They've forgotten who really makes them able to survive, those greedy butts! (Of course, those rich people only make it worse by buying everything instead of putting their foot down for the rest of us)
4. Lul, redonkulous. But yeah, that gap... looking at the gold shops you see like 1 GCash= maybe 10 gold (meaning gold was worth more and treasured more than GCash back then), but now in a sort of paradoxical reality it's like... i dunno, Gold is losing it's luster, even if you have 1,000,000! That was super rich maybe 2 years ago! You could've afforded everything you have ever wanted with that!
5. It's okay with ranting yum_puddi
Yay Sweets Report | 09/08/2014 3:35 pm
Yay Sweets
Eyy, no problem for taking your unwanted shet. I'm a garbage disposal, and a GOLDEN ONE BECAUSE EVERYTHING TURNS INTO MONEY. AYYY
I don't really mind the Vocaroo. You have a soothing voice, reminds me o' my far away 24-yr-old sister (even though I'm slightly older than you, heh)
Anyways.. oh man, I kinda had the feeling you would think about quitting Gaia. I know I have some times, but then I remember that this is the best way for me to talk to certain peeps, like youuu. You made a valid point, about the whole trying- to- escape- but- it's- no- use. I agree. I blame the damn new mod or whatever, that greedy b*****d. But... I believe that maybe one day, Gaia may be changed back into it;s former glory... maybe. I'm a bit hopeful, but if not, I always got KYM and Syndrone to be all dumb!
Yay Sweets Report | 09/07/2014 9:04 pm
Yay Sweets
Irritable? You don't sound that way. You have a lil' baby voice; it's super cute 3nodding
>Excessive emoticons omg. I know some people like that. It's.. yeah, kinda annoying. but not as much as "OMG YASS I LIEK U 2 GUURL LLOL LMAO"
It's okay if you lazy, that was a lot to cover.. personally, no one ever haggled me in the MP, at least not yet. Yay?
Yay Sweets Report | 09/07/2014 7:55 pm
Yay Sweets
Of course they would be. Silly plebs..
omg, that sounds ridiculous. I kinda want to see it. Is it Tentaclr?
Yay Sweets Report | 09/07/2014 7:30 pm
Yay Sweets
Oh thank yo- peOPLE ASK YOU FOR n***s WAT
Your welcome c: I don't ask because that's not the point of donating, is it?
Yay Sweets Report | 09/07/2014 7:02 pm
Yay Sweets
Y u so nice to me crying
Yay Sweets Report | 09/07/2014 6:30 pm
Yay Sweets
I'm so impatient, but i'll try that XD
Uh... questing? Anything on my wishlist that's expensive, I suppose. Im pretty far from it because I am frugal as ********.