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A young woman begins typing about herself


Your name is TORI, and as previously mentioned you are trying to describe yourself. You are 17 years old, have a PASSION FOR COMIC BOOKS, but are TOO POOR TO PURSUE YOUR INTEREST. You also hope to one day be a FASHION DESIGNER. And you are HELLA INVESTED IN FANDOMS.

(tori stop speaking about yourself in second person you dushe) ===>

Greatings one and all and welcome to my humble profile, i enjoy talking to anyone about anything so feel free to ask a question or just chat smilies/icon_biggrin.gif im also pansexual, i love music, movies, comics and butts

Yo you should totes talk to me about
(literally anything with a fandom)
*puns (remember the BEST puns are the worst)

030 i love you


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Rexford Radical Report | 02/12/2015 7:32 pm
Rexford Radical
How are you?

s**t is ice cold up in here.
s**t is wicked bananas, I am telling you.
Rexford Radical Report | 02/09/2015 12:28 am
Rexford Radical
Wicked bananas, madame.
Yay Sweets Report | 01/01/2015 1:38 am
Yay Sweets
Well, shoot. Thanks again C:
Happy New Years, btw! emotion_kirakira
Yay Sweets Report | 12/30/2014 1:50 am
Yay Sweets
Oh jeez. Thank you much dear TT^TT
Yay Sweets Report | 12/26/2014 7:41 pm
Yay Sweets
Ahaha I know. Addicted to pixels, yay.
uHH, do you want anything in return?
ChainsawDooM Report | 12/22/2014 9:55 pm
Yeah, I guess it could have. I like how well it introduced all the infinity gems and Adam Warlock. I also think they've gotten way better at introducing characters. That movie did a great job of introducing the title characters without dragging out the movie. Fantastic.
Read any from the Thor reboot, yet? Thor's my favorite character, next to Deadpool.
Ha. Captcha is "this is sparta"
ChainsawDooM Report | 12/22/2014 3:51 pm
Guardians of the Galaxy was lacking something? Really? Like what? My group of friends think it might be the best one, yet. The only thing I noticed was that it kind of lacked a good fight with the boss, but really, that's kinda how the Guardian's roll. They fight stuff way out of their power level and win though skill and tactics, not brute force (usually).
ChainsawDooM Report | 12/22/2014 11:44 am
I came here because of the name and the avatar (and the buying things) and I stayed for the Marvel.
How apprehensive are you for the Ant Man movie coming out? ... I don't have high hopes.
Age of Ultron looks fantastic, though.
And I'm so glad they finally started to make Deadpool again after they leaked that amazing test footage. We need something to cleanse the palate. That horrible Baraka-pool from X-men Origins: Wolverine still stings after all this time. And the sequel was just awful, in my opinion. My "favorite" moment of that sequel was when she stabbed a point in the PRICELESS HEIRLOOM FAMILY MAP! The train fight was cool though, and he should have just claw charged the guy when they were taking her in the car.
emphetaminee Report | 12/15/2014 10:46 am
yes best thing ever
Lucid Despair Report | 12/15/2014 10:21 am
Lucid Despair
Your avatar looks super cool!