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, I am Kelsey! But you can call me Pixel, Ecstatic, Cookie , or Kel! I'm a fun and hyper person and I love to just hang out and have fun! I can be very weird sometimes, but I like to be unique. I love Gaia so much and I have many great friends on here. (:

Happy Pixel
Animated Pixel
Emo Pandyxo
x R a c h h x
Historic Porn
Ecstatic Pixel
 Pleasure Me Senpai


Animated (AKA Jessica)
is one of my best friends!
We were friends in real life
since we were in preschool and
we remain best friends today.
We never get into fights and we
really have a true friendship.
We are also best friends on
Gaia as well.
Animated is crazy, sweet,
and fun and I am glad that she
is my friend.
We also have a lot of inside
jokes that no one seems
to get which makes us special. ;D

Preverted Condoms AKA Pink,
is one of my best friends on Gaia!
She is crazy, hyper, and joyful and
can always make your day! I love to
hang out with her and I knew her ever
since we were noobs! ILY PINK!!

Happy Pixel AKA
Tyler is new to Gaia,
but he is one of my
good friends in RL and on
Gaia! He is fun and
(He's obsessed about
not wearing pants on Gaia.)
Tyler is fun, kind, and an
awesome person to
be around! And don't
bother buying him pants
because he wont wear them...
many have tried.

Ritsuko AKA Risu is
one of my best guy
friends on Gaia!!! He is crazy
and hyper but awesome
and fun!! I always hang
out with him whenever I
need a smile or a friend!
He also finds the positive
in most things and he's
emo! (I <3 EMOS)

Pelmell was the one who showed me
Gaia. We both met on the site Omegle,
and we had a long talk. Then, we both
had to leave but we didn't want to loose
each other. So, she told me about Gaia
and I made an account. I loved Gaia ever
since, and now I am having a great time
on this website. Thank you Pelmell!

Angel was one of the
first people on Gaia to help me,
and I couldn't have been so
successful without him. He never
goes on anymore, but I hope
someday we can meet again.
Thank-you Angel.

Animated Pixel


Ritsuko Wolf

Happy Pixel

Int3rnal_Darkn3ss AKA Internal or
Darkness is one of my best guy friends
here on Gaia! He is super fun to be
around and you are never afraid to be
yourself when you're around him! He
is super sweet and nice too! Thanks
for being my friend Internal!


Life is too short to be boring. [/color]

dnt u hat wen peeps talk lyke dis?!

I'm a super secret
spying dragon slayer,
wizard ninja, sneaky FBI warrior.

I'm going to a party Friday night, first name Gaia, last name Online.

I'd rather live a fun life without
success instead of a
successful life without fun.

Crazy, fun, annoying, lively, unique, sweet, awesome... just a few words to describe my friends!

Be Different


Normal is a setting on the washing machine, nothing else.

I play games like Charlie Sheen plays life... WINNING!