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Nile's Little Mermaid Whimsical Gamer
Coffee Addict Cosmic Nymph Mermaid Mama
Aquatic, Sweets, Galaxy, & Spooky Obsessed

Snowpaya & I
Our Daughter
( Updated 04.19.2016. )

{ Childish Introvert Reclusive Playful }

Agnostic Demisexual Feminist ISTJ

━ × T h a l a s s o p h i l e A s t r o p h i l e × ━

l o v e s
My Hubby, Nile. My Daughter, Kyra. My Dogs, Yuna & Rikku. My Cat, Claire.
Video Games. Pink. Starbucks. Halloween / Christmas. Sleeping. Count Chocula.
The Little Mermaid. Aquatic / Spooky. Baking. Swimming. Mermaids. Lightning Farron.

h a t e s
Stalkers. Copiers. Most People in General.
Sexists. Extremists. Racists. Drugs. Alcohol. Bad Parents.
Unfaithful Couples. Spiders. Materialistic Girls. Slutty Girls. Selfies.

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Tumblr || eclairsu
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3DS Friend Code || 2707-2700-3557

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Halo 5
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Animal Crossing New Leaf
[Dream Address: 4000-6786-6373]

E c l a i r s u F a r r o n.
Miqo'te. Gladiator.

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My hubby Nile & I have been together since 12.29.2005.
We’ve been married since 12.16.2010.
We welcomed our first child, Kyra, 12.27.2014.

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Snowpaya Report | 01/10/2017 11:25 pm
Hello there sweetheart. Been awhile since I alighted on your profile with a comment, huh? How've you been? I missed you so. I'll continue to miss you whenever we're apart.
StarvstheForcesofEvil Report | 01/09/2017 10:16 am
Thank youuuu. ;w; She's full and almost everyone else is, too. I was going to just code another myself, but I've been having such a creative block lately..
StarvstheForcesofEvil Report | 01/09/2017 9:42 am
Bruh, do you know how I can find someone to make a qt profile for me because I am suffering over here.
StarvstheForcesofEvil Report | 01/05/2017 9:23 pm
I'm not sure where my old stalkers have gone to.
I know Linda/Kindness left Gaia and I do still have her Facebook to prove she never actually killed herself. Sofiel also left. Linda's a*****e friend logs on still, but her profile is private and has been when she started with me three years ago like the coward she is. She was also one of the people who tailored her about me to be like mine and even went as far as to lie about herself using my ethnicity and lie about being a famous cosplayer. It's like she was threatened that I was half Asian or some crap, because weeby white girl with nothing else going for her but pixels. rolleyes

When I was in towns for the first time in years back in November, I did have a few girls trying to copy my account again but they just used the roundabout method of 'oh let me put on more expensive yet inaccurate items to one up her'. That's why I put a notice on my profile; I don't feel like dealing with this all over again from deranged psychopaths who always take it farther than people assume. They never stop at Gaia avatar's. They find ways to stalk you everywhere and I shouldn't have to hide myself or neglect to enjoy myself just because some people are mental.
StarvstheForcesofEvil Report | 01/05/2017 4:07 pm
I really hope that people can either opt-out or block others from bookmarking us. Its just too friggin' creepy and a lot of GCD doesn't seem to understand that.
I keep seeing threads where people have told me to EMBRACE others copying me.

In other cases, they just flat dismiss what myself and others have dealt with simply because they admit that they've never witnessed such things and actually wish to be copied themselves.

The Element of Kindness/Minako Omizuki/Linda really was awful to me towards the end and I didn't appreciate being lied about and ganged up on by her friends (two of whom were like 30) for things I didn't even do.
StarvstheForcesofEvil Report | 01/05/2017 3:57 pm
How do you feel about the whole avatar saving feature? gonk

I just remember how much drama I had to deal with years ago in terms of impersonation, profile coding/graphic theft, stalking, etc and it ALL began with people copying my stuff.
StarvstheForcesofEvil Report | 01/05/2017 3:48 pm
Whiskey. emotion_bigheart
He's only two years old, the big baby.

Your wedding location actually sounds so intimate. emotion_bigheart
StarvstheForcesofEvil Report | 01/05/2017 3:39 pm
Yes. emotion_bigheart
I'm not sure what we're doing yet, but neither of us enjoy big ceremonies or crowds.. we're very introverted types.
StarvstheForcesofEvil Report | 01/05/2017 3:36 pm
I have PTSD and I have had it for a very long time.. about a decade and I didn't receive treatment during high school or early college.
A lot of the trauma was reinforced over and over until I left home and then stirred up again by an ex's mother who refused to acknowledge that people aside from soldiers get this.

But, I'm healing and they have me on vitamin b6 + b12 doses for mood and eventually we'll be working on my sensitivity to certain sounds.

We've gotten snow, too. emotion_bigheart I wish it would go away though.
I miss wearing heels outside.
StarvstheForcesofEvil Report | 01/05/2017 3:30 pm
Its wonderful. I'm so much happier and I'm able to receive treatment.
I'm in a much better place for healing.

I've only been to Seattle, but we've been waning to explore the rest of Washington.
I love the pacific northwest so much, its gorgeous.


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