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Alright, for starters I need to warn you that I am an English major (yes, college folks); due to this I love to hear myself talk. It’s a rather obnoxious habit but what the hey, when life gives you lemons make a s**t ton of lemonade and don’t question where the damn lemons even came from.

My Original Username here on Gaia was Shippo_13 7. Some of you might remember me as that. I have since changed my username because I felt that I was outgrowing the name and wanted something less…childish.

Once I get into a writing mood I am rather spontaneous! I do love to write. For a while I did RP in the forums; now it is very rare that I participate. If given the opportunity I would gladly join in again. With college though I cannot guarantee that I would be a most active member…

For some info on my interests, I draw and appreciate the Japanese art style anime. I have a numerous favorite titles including Hetalia, Deadman Wonderland, Durarara, and also like several games including Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Assassin's Creed, and Tales of Legendia. There are others but it’d be best not to bore you too much. Because of anime I got introduced to Japanese music and the sound program Vocaloid and have been a fan since.
Vocaloid has even inspired me to create my own UTAU Shippo Chikane. I greatly Stress that you check her out! I will provide a link to her wiki page somewhere here. So far she has covered songs like Melt (her debut song), Luka Luka Night Fever, Magnet, I=Fantasy, and so on. The creator of Bekkah Damene, another UTAU, has also created a fabulous video for her UTAU and Shippo.

Besides that, I am rather fond of classic stuff. Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe are two of my most favorite writers of all time. My Art style does not show it, but their writing has inspired many darker writings of my own. My favorite Shakespeare plays are “Romeo and Juliet” and “Twelfth Night." And my favorite poem by Poe is “The Raven”.

All in all there is not a lot of stuff I dislike. I like swords, music, writing, poetry, art, anime, movies, books, animals, food. The only thing I rather dislike is spiders. Damn creepy things…

I have two mules by the way: Supersized Heartz and Greek Cat Lover.
Peace out Guys~



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