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What is beautiful is not this world, but rather
the way in which your eyes see it.
That is what's truly beautiful.

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A picture hides in my profile.
Curious? See if you can find it.
Comment/Pm me if you do.
Thank you please.

Curiosity killed

What's there to say? There isn't much to know.
Shyness and solitude describe me best.
Years ago you'd of been lucky to hear a word out of me.
Nowadays, I'll mumble a few.

Am I a troubled? There are tears.
Rough times a few.
Suicide considered.
The end desired.

Not very interesting am I? I'd of thought you'd tire by now.
Outgoing and adventurous I'm not. Home is where I stay.

What more is there? Let's see...
I'm fond of video games, cartoons, and anime.

A heart? Yes, I've had one of those.
It's in the trash now as it's where broken objects go.

Would you like to know more? What a nosy one you are.
Ask and you might receive.

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xXStrawberriecakeXx on 08/25/2015