Hi! I'm echochick obviously. To everyone I am currently roleplaying with. I will be gone from about September to July of next year. or at least not on as much as I usually am. This being said I will understand if you kill my character. I will try to keep up as much as I can. Now that you know that might as well tell you WHY I am leaving. I was accepted as a Foreign Exchange Student and will be spending 10 months in Germany. Thank you for your understanding.

[edit] The screen on the family laptop has been cracked so I can no longer use it. Thankfully we have a massive computer..."The big computer" However I will no longer be able to be on as constantly as I have been as it is mostly my father's computer. Until the laptop screen is repaired I will have to use this computer. [/edit]
[edit] I am currently on a trip in Utah and I have limited internet access so I will not be able to make "Pretty Posts" if I post at all as I am working off of my iPod or my phone. [/edit]
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Oh really?

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Well, yes, but I meant you. ;O

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