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Just that person. . . you were hoping wouldn't find you and stalk you right afterwards

[What you can know:]

I'm a hardcore procrastinator. With. Literally. Everything.
I'm a girl w/ a boy avatar. A'ight? K. Let's move on.
I enjoy spreading the love.
My music taste is all over the place.
I like stickers, pins, and more recently, bracelets.
I forget things much too easily. smilies/icon_stressed.gif
Yes, I am eccentric awesome.
People have described me most often as funny.
Don't be afraid to ask anything, I like to help and talk!
Rootbeer and pixie sticks, mhm yes.
Random friend requests = No, just no.
Also has an avid interest in supporting fictional & rl pairings. smilies/icon_heart.gif
Shinichi Kudou is awesome. You know it. smilies/icon_talk2hand.gif
I'd play Puyo Puyo rather than Tetris any day!


What is up at the moment; October 18th, 2012 - 2:26 PM
Teh musics: Roger Rabbit
Anime: Durarara!!
Lovin': Emi, Skrillex, Tumblr, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton
Feelin': indescribable.
Because: ...
Etc: Toilets?

Calm Sea, Turbulent Winds, and the Ominous Emotions


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Neon320 Report | 12/21/2013 5:20 pm
LOL!Great, you better not be playing for long, we gotta rp before Vince is here. 3nodding
Neon320 Report | 12/21/2013 5:15 pm
Lawl, coolio, sign in on IM! So we can continue the rp, lol, like the yummy pies I have around me? razz
Neon320 Report | 12/21/2013 11:58 am
Neon320 Report | 12/20/2013 6:05 pm
Lawl, thanks, btw the hat and shirt at both of orange pigs, which match biggrin lol peeps will know for sure you're a girl XD
Perky Optimist Report | 08/02/2011 12:41 am
Perky Optimist
Really? Heh heh. >3< His songs are catchy, eh? Bye bye. <3 -huggles you back- Hey, that sounds pretty good ! I like the way that sounds better, actually. 4laugh Good thinking !
Perky Optimist Report | 08/02/2011 12:40 am
Perky Optimist
Hehe, you're welcome. xp Oh whoopsy. Sorry bout that. gonk -pouties-
Perky Optimist Report | 08/02/2011 12:37 am
Perky Optimist
By JS? : cry -doesn't want to say the full name- It's that good?
Perky Optimist Report | 08/02/2011 12:31 am
Perky Optimist
Haha, you look awesomely eccentric. xd
Perky Optimist Report | 08/02/2011 12:31 am
Perky Optimist
WHAT'S 'THIS' SONG? o3o;; Wut iz et? -poke-
Perky Optimist Report | 08/02/2011 12:24 am
Perky Optimist
Hehe, yeah, I knew that was what you meant. blaugh I'll go get you on then. rofl BBs.
Perky Optimist
Eccentric With Goggles