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"Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway."

I am married, a mother of two youngsters and I joined Gaia in 2009.

I play mmorpg's such as World of Warcraft and Guild Wars.

I consider myself friendly and loyal to people who have truly befriended me (I tend to be somewhat cautious until then) with a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor.

I have found that I can't seem to stay in one outfit for more then a few forgive my avatars constant wardrobe changes.

I don't usually accept random friend requests. I like to get to know the person a little bit before I add them as a friend.

Sorry if this sounds harsh:
PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR MONEY OR DONATIONS! If you ask me personally for money or to donate, you will be ignored. I give ONLY when I feel like it. smilies/icon_scream.gif


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Crimson016 Report | 05/21/2015 11:38 pm
I've been feeling rather lady-like, as of late d:
Crimson016 Report | 05/20/2015 3:20 pm
im digging the punk look c:
Crimson016 Report | 03/20/2015 11:44 pm
haha its super adorable c: keep it for a while lol
Crimson016 Report | 03/20/2015 11:53 am
you are adorable. that is all - good day heart
Crimson016 Report | 02/18/2015 1:48 pm
i actually really like it(: I've always been IN LOVE with the pin up style d: I'm looking to dress her up with the same items but different colors but the two items i need have NO listings in the marketplace
Crimson016 Report | 02/14/2015 9:13 am
i know... its crazy! how are the little ones?
Crimson016 Report | 02/14/2015 9:12 am
its just community college for now. theres a campus not too far from him so its a quick drive(:
Crimson016 Report | 02/14/2015 9:07 am
pretty good! finally in college and got a new job(: and you?
Crimson016 Report | 02/14/2015 9:04 am
Happy Valentines Day, Ebon heart
Crimson016 Report | 12/25/2014 7:15 pm
thank you so much! i love it(:
Merry Christmas heart heart


I used to draw a lot but I stopped after marriage and having kids. I'm terribly rusty at it.