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• 22 years old
• Senior in college
• Roman Catholic
• Venezuelan-American
• Slave to cosmetics
• Even bigger slave to poetry
• Anime fan
• Coffee addict
• Gaia Guild junkie
• Textbook Scorpio
• Gaian since 2005

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Muggu-chin Report | 01/20/2015 10:32 pm
Ahaha! No problem smile Thank you for the welcome!
SevenDeadlyDreams Report | 01/16/2015 12:34 pm
Thanks for letting me know about the guild!
Akshamala Report | 01/11/2015 9:40 am
We interacted in PLG. Don't worry if you still don't remember me, though. Love ya all the same. heart
Akshamala Report | 01/10/2015 10:52 pm
I remember you, Ebony! I don't know if you remember me. Hope you're doing well. heart
wicked crazy witch Report | 01/08/2015 3:48 pm

Ive been i have medial issues from an accident so after not feeling well for 4 days i had to see the drs today for help with one issue, i leave my drs i fill my meds one of which to help my legs so i can walk the cold been really hurting and i walk out in a side walk from my drs and get hit by a car who came screaming at me saying i hit his car. i said no dumb a** i was walking u hit me a pedestrian in the cross walk , he drove off got his plate tbc, so nothings broke but will see what pain comes over next 2 days,,,, i should of been called murphy and im not getting the luck of the irish so i must the percentage of Irish that should of been called MURPHY.. gonna lay down but im sure i will be back
Auntie sindy Report | 01/07/2015 10:43 am
Thanks for the birthday gift heart You are guys are amazing!
Auntie sindy Report | 01/04/2015 10:55 am
Hey Sweetie,
Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. (Just a little late for this, because I had no internet connection during Christmas time) sweatdrop
Thanks for the Christmas gift heart
MetoFukuChan Report | 12/31/2014 9:14 am
Hihi thank you so much for the invite ^-^ 3nodding heart
ShynSilentOne Report | 12/14/2014 2:58 pm
ty redface
PixelPlays Report | 12/13/2014 8:09 pm
Yeah, why? Do you like them too?



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