About me

• 23 years old
• College graduate
• Roman Catholic
• Bisexual, cis (she/her)
• Latina / Venezolana
• Cosmetic fanatic
• Poet, aspiring novelist
• Coffee addict
• Gaia Guild junkie
• Textbook Scorpio
• Gaian since 2005

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Sweet Moonbeam Report | 07/08/2016 10:51 am
Thank you for the welcome! emotion_hug
ancantsia Report | 06/27/2016 6:05 pm
Just a passing pounce-y hug to let you know I was thinking of you emotion_hug
Krynol Report | 06/22/2016 7:48 pm
Thank you for the warm welcome and all that useful info! biggrin
GutsAndGumdrops Report | 06/14/2016 12:27 pm
Thanks very much for accepting. 3nodding
1littlewolfy Report | 06/10/2016 5:32 am
Thank you very much for the welcome. heart
Yours Senpai Report | 06/01/2016 7:51 pm
thank you for your welcome to the guild 3nodding
Keeembap Report | 05/28/2016 11:47 pm
Love the blue hair! Looks good on your ahaha
TypinTypos Report | 05/16/2016 8:47 am
Thank you for the lovely welcome comment and for explaining about the guild! heart
Darkerdemons Report | 04/26/2016 4:33 pm
emotion_yatta You don't need any scaredy-cat doves! Just me, the mysterious-looking raven.
Darkerdemons Report | 04/26/2016 4:23 pm
emotion_awesome Shall I fly into the background of your avatar?


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