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Hello Customer 。◕ ‿ ◕。
The items that i sell are items that i do not need anymore(some are rare some are not).
I Don't lower unfortunately but i try my best to keep the prices low.
Be sure to message me for further questions.I Would love to negotiate.
Thanks for buying (✿◠‿◠Have a nice day~♥♥♥


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earthlala's avatar

Birthday: 08/28


Favorite Song of the Week♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

Friends??Of Course!!

Hello Everyone (◕‿◕✿)
My Name is Earthlala But you can call me Earth.
I Love making new friends and i have been playing Gaia for a long time ,although i also play many other games. Be sure to send me a friend request i accept everyone...Don't hesitate even if you're shy o(≧o≦)o Who knows we may have many similar interest.
Although i Enjoy Making new friends... i do have some rules.
✿Please be nice.
✿Don't ask to out(especially if i just met you like a second ago)
✿Don't ask me for things(Things will be given when earned)
✿My Friends are you're friends
✿No Bullying
✿No inappropriate things please
✿Try to not use swear a lot.
✿Don't lie to me(or ill lie to you)
✿No threats
✿Treat people the way you want to be treated
If you can't follow these rules...then you might not want to be my friend.
Lol i hope you guy's understand these rules
Enjoy You're day (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

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Minty-Dreams-x3 Report | 10/14/2012 3:18 pm
pootiegumgum Report | 08/28/2012 5:57 pm
whee User Image
User Image
have a good one ^ ^ whee
SStar3 Report | 08/28/2012 10:06 am
Happy birthday :3
Blood-Tipped Thorn Report | 01/14/2012 10:27 am
Blood-Tipped Thorn
Hey, you never sent me a link to your art examples. <3
Minty-Dreams-x3 Report | 12/31/2011 1:34 pm
Hey how are you? Its been forever since we talked
ii_shining-pearl Report | 08/27/2011 8:32 am
Thank You for Purchasing my Labu Necklace

Come Again ^^
Xersen Report | 08/20/2011 1:49 pm
best friend thats a chick
Minty-Dreams-x3 Report | 08/08/2011 12:41 pm
I love your avi it is soo cute <3
Failpool Report | 07/04/2011 4:39 am
Dear earthlala,
thank you so much for buying at

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By purchasing your item at this store you have supported your local superhero Failpool and thereby helped to keep Gaia and all it's citizens save. Good job, citizen. And please come again!

Defender of Gaia

Andreascyu Report | 07/03/2011 10:36 pm
Thank you for buying whee also if the drawing in the background is yours, It's nice biggrin