If only the world allowed for more insanity.

~A sugary treat~

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~That's deadly sweet~

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Welcome to my webpage! You've just entered the atmosphere of a twenty-three year old who watches cartoons, reads comicbooks, plays old nintendo games, and collects my little pony action figures.. and no, I have no shame. I love anime, probably always wil. My icons are Snow White, Betty Boop, and Hello Kitty. I love sweets.. especially cutely decorated cupcakes..

I'm definitely a nerd... I'm a history fanatic, some of my heroes are: Joan of Arc, Anastasia, Alexander The Great, Edgar Allen Poe, Cleopatra.. and tons more.

I'm attending college to become a graphic designer, and probably going to get an education degree after that. I work for Apple as tech support.

Art is my life... and any kind of creative outlet painting, charcol, chalk, digital art, photoshop, illustrator, but drawing is my true love.. just a plain paper and pencil.
I also love to write.. I have more than two decently sized storage tubs full of writing, any and all kinds of writing.

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(P.S. My name is Lauren.. though I prefer my highschool nickname Ren.)

My life dreams are:

1. Write a novel or graphic novel get it published with my own cover art.

2. Visit Japan at least once in my lifetime.

3. Have a job that I love doing and encourages my creativeness.

Interests: Anime, manga, DC comics-The Endless, LOTR, gothic artistry is adored in any form, reading, Japanese culture, rping, writing, drawing, painting, anything creative, learning, fanfiction-writing&reading, poetry-reading&writing, making meaningless banners, making lists of random things I like or dislike, history-Western Civ, money because... I'm GREED, BABY!

Favorite characters: Death-Endless, Dream-Endless, Madhatter/Alice-Alice in wonder land Greed-FMA, Edward-FMA, Roy Mustang-FMA, L-Deathnote, Mello-Deathnote, Sasuke-Naruto, Hidan-Naruto, Wolfwood-Trigun, Mikaila-Godchild, Cain-Godchild, Casain-Godchild, Kyo-Fruitsbasket, Hatori-Fruitsbasket, Duo-GundamWing, Kingdom Hearts-Kairi-Sora-Riku Cowboy Bebop-Ed-Spike Wolf's Rain-Tsume-Kira Vampire Knight-Zero Chobits-Hideki.. and... can't think of anymore off the top of my head.

~_-_-If beauty is only skin deep-_-_~

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~_-_-My insides are made of rubies_-_~

Greed: Excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.

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Anime/Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Godchild, Vampire Knight, Utawarerumono, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Trigun, Chobits, Saiyuki, NANA, Gokusen, Wolf's Rain, Yu yu Hakusho, Trinity Blood, Ceres Celestial Legend, Absolute Boyfriend, Shin-chan, and Miyazaki films. Those are just a few.. I've seen more, but I really like the ones listed.