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my name is Eyren.
i'm a 22 year old female.
i'm fat and tiny.
i'm tired all of the time.
i'm obsessed with cats, geeky things and oddities.
i make art and do other not as fun things.
i refer to myself as a witch and practice witchcraft.

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As of February 23rd, 2009, I met the man I'm in love with.
As of September 20th, 2013 he became my fiance.
As of October 23rd, 2016 we will be married.
erry smilies/icon_heart.gif trav 5ever.

i don't even play pokemans.

❝Three is the number of those who do Holy work;
Two is the number of those who do Lovers work;
One is the number of those who Perfect Evil;
Or Perfect Good.❞
-C. Barker Abarat



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"We are all a little weird
and life's a little weird.
And when we find someone
whose weirdness is
compatible with ours,
we join up with them
and fall in mutual weirdness
and call it love."
-Dr. Seuss