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Toy Senpai Report | 06/13/2014 6:22 am
Toy Senpai
thanks for your purchase 4laugh
Naya Merai Report | 03/18/2014 3:51 pm
Naya Merai
I probably haven't talked to you in longer cause I'm neglectful :C
Naya Merai Report | 03/18/2014 3:11 pm
Naya Merai
Hi Taishi <333 Haven't seen you in a while, though you also tend to be one of the online friends I kinda neglect cat_gonk
Naya Merai Report | 03/18/2014 3:08 pm
Naya Merai
Kabocha no Neko Report | 12/30/2013 7:18 pm
Kabocha no Neko
Lovely avvie cat_redface
Selestia Bell Report | 12/30/2013 7:01 pm
Selestia Bell
well I like it.
simple is a nice change of pace sometimes c:
Selestia Bell Report | 12/30/2013 6:54 pm
Selestia Bell
oh so you basically do what I do.
I'm just not good at the neat clutter style you have sometimes.
Selestia Bell Report | 12/30/2013 6:49 pm
Selestia Bell
everytime I see you, you have an amazing avatar on cry
teach me your ways
Potato Goddess Report | 10/01/2013 7:33 pm
Potato Goddess
Thank you for the gift! heart
Kitsune no Katon Report | 09/28/2013 12:51 am
Kitsune no Katon
your avi looks awesome.


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