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łPersonal Datał

Background History|| An unholy hybrid between Death and a human, Ea set out in this world that she know calls home with her human mother. As she became an adult, her human mother had vanished and Ea set out to find her. she came across a forest that seemed to have called out her name. As she went to investigate, she came across a dark scythe and a letter. After reading a tragic truth, she became infuriated, picked up the scythe, a gift from her sadistic father, and began her journey, to rip away the souls of the Undead and end Life's precious creations, losing memory of the human side that she once had.
Full Name|| Ea does not have a full name due to her not acknowledging humans's way of having such names
Nicknames|| Ea is often referred as "Scythe Woman" or "Death Lady". She doesn't mind being called such names as long as she doesn't find them insulting
Titles|| The Lady of the Depths, Daughter of the Scythe
Age|| No one knows how old Ea exactly is, she does not speak of it. Appearance wise, she looks to be around 18-25 in human years.
Birth Date|| Ea does not know her birth date as she has no recollection of how old she is supposedly be anymore.
Height|| 5'7 ft
Weight[color=cyan||[/color]137.5 lbs.
Personality||Ea has a rather calm personality.She might be stubborn at times and can be extremely sarcastic and rude. However, that personality can change depending on the situation. For example, if one were to make her mad, she won't hesitate to slice your living essence out.
Behaviour|| Ea's behaviour is rather passive. She tends to be quiet and goes along with others. However, she is full of gluttony and her life was meant to be a reaper
Ethinicy|| Ea does not have an ethinicy, as she is one of her own, besides her father. Unless you count "reaper" as one. Although she is not completely reaper as her mother is indeed human.
Personal Skill||Besides ripping out souls, Ea is good at reading people's auras. She can tell easily when its best to approach a person and when not to.Ea can speak to the Dead, a trait inherited by her father. Ea is quite agile, as she can move quickly and move with ease. Ea can also draw, write poems, and sing.
Favorite Food||Ea consumes souls she had taken, but Ea also has a preference of Italian, Asian, and French food but she will eat just about anything people have to offer.
Favorite Drink|| Ea enjoys drinking coffee and tea.
Likes|| Ea enjoys Gothic culture. She loves reading scary stories as those of Poe's. A grim enjoyment of her's is pure enjoyment in gore. Ea loves to listen to metal, most preferably black and death, and some punk rock. She also enjoys the presence of goats, felines, canines, turtles, and snakes.

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