People who strive for popularity tend to lack the strength inside to be themselves.

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If You Wanna Talk Don't Be Afraid To...
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This Is Me.
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Pot Smoking Introverted Twenty Year old
>Jamaican And Part Cherokee<
I'm Pretty Chill For The Most Part, I Don't Deal With
Drama, You Can't Hurt Me More Than I Hurt Myself, Sorry.
I'm A Shortie, Super Silly, My Taste For Things Are Weird And Random, Very Vocal On Things I'm Passionate About, Deals With SA On A Regular Basis, Right Ear Is Stretched, Top Lip Pierced(Medusa). Pretty Much Sums That Up :3

Been on Gaia since 07',
Just Returned From The Grave, Active as of now

LOVES: Grimm[TV Show], Weirdness, Once Upon A Time[TV Show], Cooking, Within Temptation, Crystal Castles, Reggae, Cats, Theatre of Tragedy, Oddities, Psychology, Cream Filled Caramels, Solitude, Daria, Researching

Small Talk, Ignorance, Stereotypes, Soda, Close-minded People, Bullies

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