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Welcome to the Fairy's Glade...

NAME: ( Queen ) Einin Brigit Aoife Cassidy
: Female
TYPE: Púca
NORMAL HEIGHT: 5'0" ( 152 cm )
WEIGHT: 92 lbs ( 41 kg )
RANK: Queen of the Valkorian Kingdom
INSTRUMENT (WEAPON): Ocarina ( with dagger edge )
ATTACK TYPE: Healing / Faerie Magick
TALENT: Magick & Herbology
KINGDOM: Valkoria ( Capital: Wicklow )
FAMILY: Soul descendant of first Faerie Queen, Luna

Mood : Loved


Taking baths
Faerie mischief

× Destroyed plants
× Going one day without cake or bread
× Herbal teas without leaves
× Becoming irritated or stressed
× Punishing subjects
× Running out of wing moisturizer
× The overuse of immaturity

Failing the kingdom
No more cake
Ripping her wings
Becoming ill again

Playing the ocarina
Reading books
Listening to servants play instruments
Watching theater inside the castle
Tending to the plants in the garden
Queen duties

The Queen, typically, is never allowed to leave the castle.
Keeps only females in her personal guard.
It is questioned at times if the Queen may be a feminist.
The Queen's favorite colors are green & brown.
She has an adoration for people who can play the violin.
Outside of official royal audiences, the Queen enjoys to be nude.


. Of all this world's wonders nothing can compare to the mystical quality that is the Fairy. These nature creatures live deep in lush forests where they hide in places such as hollows, glades, veils and valleys. Fairies are a peaceful kind and wish to do their work in tranquility where time seems endless. There are few colonies of Fairies, though they are spread out in different areas depending on the type of Fairies they are. They are Guardians of Nature, the Fairy Queen's eyes and ears, her servants. However, some negative facts about the Fairy kind have left a rather ill impact on humans. Some see Fairies as magical creatures of wonder, while others see them as demonic beings. The cause for this is the mix of the good and bad qualities a Fairy possesses.

. The main problem and misunderstanding about Fairies is the lack of knowledge towards their complex ways. What makes fairies this way, to start, is their abundance of multi-personalities in one. A Fairy's personality can shift many times depending on the situation and one may call them 'bipolar' in ways. For example, a Fairy can be kind and gentle towards a human, the next second; they are being devious and casting terrible pranks on others. Sometimes resulting in the death of the human they play tricks on. Though a tragic turn of events, the Fairy wasn't meaning to cause fatal harm.

. In the many nature driven areas where Fairies reside, they eat a diet rich in berries, fruit, veggies, and other organic foods that can be found in the nature areas they live around. This is not the only food in their diet. Occasionally or often (depending on the Fairy itself) will require flesh, typically human flesh. This is because humans are creatures of curiosity and easily lured by a Fairy's charms into a feeding trap. Unfortunately, in the food chain and in the wild, there is no room for such morals.

. Even with such evil seen against, Fairies do help humans; though their help goes unnoticed by them. Fairies are what help to keep the land bountiful, for crops to grow, and give aid to animals in the wild. This magical race does possess magick; however, their magick also goes unnoticed by humans. While not all powerful (other than the Queen), they are a force to be reckoned with when provoked. It is best not to be rude towards a Fairy and to be polite; for if you are, they will show the same respect in return. That is, if you wish to be on their good side.


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Hullo! Sorry I've been so inactive lately. ;v; By this Monday, I'll be more responsive. We've been out of the house lately.

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Woo-hoo! Get 'em, tiger!

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HMMM, we don't want to drag on the boat trip for too long so why don't we do the time skip in about.. 3-4 posts each?

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It WAS pretty hectic. ;v; On Friday, I was up at 7 and attended a funeral for 2 hours with my grandparents and then we took off to Duluth, where the airport is, afterwards. e v e I only got 1:45 hours of sleep and I was up until 10 PM Saturday. Everything is calm now!

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Gah! Why does everything happen all at once? gonk Take your time with the post, I kept you at least 5 days LOL. Sorry about that. ;; I had to do a lot of things Wednesday-Sunday. ;v;

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YAYYYY. I'd love to see it. ; v;

I'm back, by the way!
The Eternal Rival

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The Eternal Rival

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Something they would have likely been doing, if the kid didn't interrupt.

Smiling nervously, he waved her off shyly and watched until she was out of view. When she disappeared into the crowd, he let his hand fall to the side. Frowning, he leaned back in his seat, deep in thought. If the boy didn't show up, he wouldn't have given it a second thought and kissed her. It would have been his first, and the fact that it almost happened left him with several mixed feelings. Ryoga felt incredibly guilty. This was yet another moment where his loyalties to Akane weakened at something as simple as attention from another woman. He was in love with Akane, yet she wasn't on his mind when he proceeded to make a move-- All he thought of was how kissing Sybil would have felt! Poor Sybil; he was a horrible man. All she wanted was for him to keep her warm and he took advantage of that! Overcome with guilt, he slumped down in his seat sadly, his shoulders sagging heavily.

Despite his tremendous guilt, another conflicting feeling was his desire to have that moment back. A part of him wanted to continue, but why would he want to if he was in love with Akane? It made absolutely no sense. He was in love with Akane, yet it wasn't the feel of his lips that made his own tingle.

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Glancing around, he caught sight of someone staring at him. Blinking, he turned his attention to a couple of boys approximately his own age. He stared at them questioningly, and in return they sent him knowing glances and approving nods. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion, but he quickly realized what they were grinning and nodding about. They seen everything!

Ryoga immediately blushed and shook his head hastily, but his actions only served in teasing laughter.

"It's not like that!" He exclaimed loudly, and with that he ran off embarrassedly.

The Eternal Rival

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The Eternal Rival

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“How come he gets a kiss and I don’t?!”

Just like that, the brief moment was over and he was brought back to reality.

The sound of the young boy's voice startled them both. Ryoga jumped a bit and released his grip on her almost immediately. If Sybil didn't already fall out of his lap, he would have instinctively pushed her off. His attention turned to the kid and all he could do was sit there and stare with eyes wide as saucers, stunned at being caught in the act and what they had-- no, almost did.

“Oh why did you have to go and do that for?”

“You think you’re so cool just because she likes you best! But I won’t lose to you!”

Wha-- Lose to him? Lose as what?!

His thoughts caught up to him, and Ryoga simply sat there as his face completely flushed red. What were they doing?!

Sybil scolded him for being rude (if you could even call it that), and the kid pouted childishly at her words. Her reprimands weren't effective for long and his eyes lit up as another 'brilliant' plan came to mind. He sat there stupidly as the kid gave him a dirty look, and the young boy began to drag her to the dance floor. Insisting that the two should dance, he successfully managed to drag Sybil off despite her resistance. Before she disappeared from sight, she turned to look back at him. Upon catching his eye, she smiled sheepishly and to his surprise--

--She blew a kiss.

The Eternal Rival

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The Eternal Rival

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For that brief, uninterrupted moment he didn't feel shy. His mind remained fuzzy and any sign of rational thought was long gone. Just as surprisingly, there were no thoughts of Akane as well. As his hand began to fall to the side, her soft hand held it in place and brought it back to her face lovingly. Her small hands were smooth and delicate compared to his own. His hands were rough and calloused from vigorous training and smashing gravel. The debris of gravel scattering everywhere proved to be harsh on his hands as they knicked his skin. Her hands, however, were free of any flaws. She was perfect.

He was only vaguely aware that she was speaking to him. For that too brief moment, his eyes were focused on her every movement. He watched as she pressed her face further into the palms of his imperfect hands, her face soft and surprisingly cool from the evening breeze. He watched her as she continued to speak, but for the life of him he was unable to listen to any of what she said to him. When her arms wrapped around his neck, the moment called for him to move closer and all he could do was listen. Distractedly, his eyes caught sight of her lips as they opened and closed. As he took notice to how soft they appeared, he was instantly entranced. His desire to be closer only increased, and the temptation was too strong for the weak-willed man to resist. The only words he managed to hear clearly only pushed him further.

"“Let me show you…”

She too inched closer to his face. It wasn't long until their breath mingled together. Through half-lidded eyes, he watched as her lips parted slightly. She seemed to be speaking again, but all he could pay attention to was the surprising warmth she emitted.

"....ve you."

Within seconds their lips made contact, albeit softly. The minimal contact sent shivers down his spine all the way down to the tips of his toes. At that point, he was a slave to his desires, and all he could do was plead for more. Eagerly, he began to press his own lips against hers, and for a split second the slightest pressure was pressed against hers.



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