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•There is no such thing as a hard game; you just suck.
•No two games can be compared at all, especially if they are different genres. (The only exceptions are games that share a title).
•Berating a game for details that it does not even contain is valid criticism.
•Any interpretation of a game is automatically wrong unless outright stated otherwise by the game itself or its writer(s).
•The word "gamer" is absolutely monodefinitive; persons who play video games, professional athletes, and school children at recess are all the same kind of "gamer".
•There is no variety in the passion that "persons who play video games" feel toward video games; everyone cares (or doesn't care) equally.
•Your favorite game is overrated.
•Any franchise that spawns more than two installments is being milked.
•Sixty United States dollars is a rip-off because the disc that the game is contained on retails at only forty-nine cents.

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