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My name is Laura and I'm 18.
I was born on December 10th, 1996.
I live in San Antonio, Texas and I'm a freshman in college.
Adrian is my perfect boyfriend. He truly makes my days so much better.
I work at a fast food restaurant called Whataburger. It isn't really known outside of south Texas though, lol. (fun fact: me and my boyfriend met at work over a year ago, we both work there, and we're barely going on 3 months)
I love love love country music, horror/gore movies, books, and the cold.

I was battling depression for over 3 years and I'm proud to say I've finally found my life worth living.
I'm going on 3 months without self harming. It's my biggest accomplishment. I'm still struggling with self harm.
I'm an extreme introvert, painfully shy, and so sensitive.
I still struggle with some things, but my life makes me really happy.
I'm really nice, probably too nice, and I'm ALWAYS smiling.

Get to know me if you wish, but I'm rarely on here due to the fact that I'm very busy with my life. (-:

Look at my face
dying to Iive