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Name's Duzzy. 21 years old, and I am a gay man. I am currently a moderator of the Fifth Generation Gaming section on Pokecommunity, which is a Pokemon forum site. Come see us!

Pokemon is a BIG part of my life. No one can make me think otherwise and nothing will make me stop loving it. It has really helped me through so much and I literally owe my life to it and the creators of it, so I guess you could say I'm a loyal and dedicated fan. c':

I am unemployed ( ;n; ), but I graduated from hair school not too long ago and am on the hunt for a job in a salon! I moved to Arizona January of 2013. Arizona is pretty nice, I must say. I moved here from Louisiana January 21, 2013. So of course the climate and culture are completely different lol.

I look like this.


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Dirty Cumquats Report | 07/10/2014 3:58 pm
Dirty Cumquats
A lot of the Kalos 'mons are rly cool. I actually like the sword evolution-line.. idk why ppl where getting angry that Pokemon made a pokemon out of something previously inanimate..
But my favorite region is definitely Unova. Ever since I saw the anime (which was astounding btw), I fell in love with it, plus I never realized how great all the pokemon were.. I went through the serebii Unova list and I like pretty muh every single Unovan pocketmonster. I even have a giant Victini plushie! heart

And omg I have the Pokemon Center website bookmarked and I'm so ready for the opening agghghhhh
I would buy that Mewtwo cup but im forever-broke and my mom won't let me get a job classified_fu

High school is.. it's great in some aspects, but it's shitty as ********. I like the selection of four different age-groups but a lot of guys are dickasses (at least to me). My friends ever since 6th grade were all female, I only made 2 guy friends who rode my bus. AND OMG on the last day of school like last month I flirted so hard with him i was so brave i was like "if you pass out i might have to give you cpr.. on the lips.." and he was all blushy and i think i ended the convo with "you can get in my pants anytime just come over" lol but then i moved that day.

I can't forget strait guys though, they're so cuuuutee, especially the sporty kinds (but they're so bad at having good personalities). The only thing sports men are good for, in my opinion, are the hot sechz. I'm not a sports fan at all so I'd never be able to get into convo with them xP. But like idk i'm not a fan of the gay guys, maybe coz i'm afraid of commitment or maybe coz they're not masculine enough idk but something just pulls me twoard them emotion_kirakira

And omg at the water park yesterday there were so many great choices and there was like 3 extra-special sexy guys who i fell in love for a day with and blahblah but anyways what i'm saying is that one looked geeky coz he had those big glasses (which i need to get a pair of) but it looked so good ugh. emotion_drool

CAPTCHA: you're in my spot
wtf does this even mean crying
Dirty Cumquats Report | 07/10/2014 3:24 pm
Dirty Cumquats
Meh i wouldn't blame you even if you did copy Diantha's team because there's only like 70 Kalos 'mons so it's hard to choose from since they were prolly all used somewhere.
I think the prettiest cutemons are Wigglytuff and Blissey oh gosh i just love those big ones i guess lol
But alas, my favorite pokemon (currently) is Miltank. My bby!
Though, my timeline of faves goes like:
Lickitung (for the longest while) > Celebi (for a while too) > Buneary/Lopunny > Gorebyss > Snivy > Victini > Braixen > Manaphy > Espeon > Blissey > Miltank (current)
at least i think that's all, but i prolly missed some along the way. I have merch of most of those pkmn actually

I've never done anything, but I'm hoping this year at school will be different since I moved and get new selection coz at my old school I only hit on straight seniors and got threatened to get beaten up twice lol. Perhaps it was because I literally followed them (even into the bathrooms). Yeah uhm, guys do not like when you stalk them sweatdrop Nor does anyone probably... crying

I think bodybuilders are so gross oh god. Like the ones on those magazines at the stores. They're so muscly and sometimes their heads are smaller than their chest emotion_0A0 And what if they crush you!! Omg that's scary ahhh *cringes*
Dirty Cumquats Report | 07/10/2014 2:08 pm
Dirty Cumquats
I do kinda feel bad for people whose legit fave is Charizard because there's so much lovehate tagged along with it
When I first saw ur profile I thought the top ones were Diana's pkmn :p
But I see you like the cutemons too! They're the best emotion_kirakira

Aww so how did he feel when he measured u and found out that you're bigger? xD Was he all blushy? razz

Right now I'm not so sure where I'm headed. I used to be strictly uke, but now that I'm growing up and getting taller, it'll be hard to be uke to someone who may or may not be taller than me. Which is why I mostly strive for adults baha but everybody likes to tell me about the law and how it forbids this love rolleyes I'd prefer to be cuddled as well because it makes me feel so cute

Maybe you'll have to date a bodybuilder to find sum1 larger lel
Dirty Cumquats Report | 07/10/2014 1:23 pm
Dirty Cumquats
Yeah Charizard isn't original at all?? i guess the company just takes pride in it since it's so popular
But like Pokemon has so many other original pokemon, and the first one to pop in my mind is Lickitung (mainly coz it was my favorite at one point).

And omg, were you the uke or was he
Dirty Cumquats Report | 07/10/2014 10:01 am
Dirty Cumquats
(omg sorry for late response it was 7am and i almost got caught awake then we went to a water park that same day so i was gone for a while)

usually all genwunners care about is charizard, one of the most overrated pkmn
i'm surprised i haven't seen a genwunner in a long time.

mmm, that'd be kinda romantic actually, having ur partner measure ur genitalia for u
it'd be like a slave-type thing emotion_dowant
(lol you said 'wiener')
Dirty Cumquats Report | 07/09/2014 2:53 am
Dirty Cumquats
i know i totally agree. i luv how they just keep adding, so i can keep going with it! and most of the fandom is great, but i don't rly like genwunners or someone of that type.

hmm idk i haven't measured my d**k in a long time but i like to consider it a pretty nice size emotion_c8
Dirty Cumquats Report | 07/09/2014 2:29 am
Dirty Cumquats
i agree with u in ur description, #pokemonizlyfe
it's helped me through so much in my existence and i just love it so much
i actually kinda noticed (after studying myself) that i end up using pokemon in some way or forme every single day without even trying (whether it be playing the actual game, drawing 'mons, or just simply thinking about them).

CAPTCHA: half inch
i feel like this is a tiny p***s joke
Juno-Moon Report | 05/30/2014 10:18 am
What kind of styles do you prefer doing?
And as of right now..I'm doing basically nothing :p
I'm looking into jobs and volunteer positions until places are really hiring again.
'Cause summer is a slow point for the job market, and all they're offering is unpaid internships, which is the equivalent of slave labor :s
And I really want to start paying off my loans and looking for a place to live...
Juno-Moon Report | 05/26/2014 10:02 am
oooohhhh, neato :3
I sees you be workin' and cuttin' some hair in Phoenix.
How's that going? smile
Juno-Moon Report | 05/25/2014 3:01 pm
Gold grant thingies? o.0...


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