Duke of Lalune

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Birthday: 09/18


“My armor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath, death!” -J.J.R. Tolien, The Hobbit

Driven by pride, glory and exceedingly ferocious ambition, the Duke of Lalune is hellbent on achieving the highest honor possible for the Lalune faction. Highly territorial, the Manslayer prowls relentlessly on any, foolish enough to wonder near the territory of Lalune, instantly defeating players back to their home point. If the unfortunate player wishes to consort with the drake, he must offer a boon for safe passage to convince the Duke to stay his wrath. If the dragon is unimpressed, your character will be instantly killed, and the game is over. Charged with facing constant threat from raid parties alone, the Manslayer Duke of Lalune boasts a high weapon and armor rating making him an area boss.
Special: In highly rare occasions, the Duke may offer to travel with your party. As an NPC in your group, the Duke will lend his manslaying expertise to you in combat, making your group virtually untouchable during his stay. The Duke offers devastating abilities at your disposal and his protective nature grants your party an additional protection spell. The Manslayer provides threateningly high AOE damage against your PVE and even PVP opponents.




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1. Saigo ni dare wo shinjireba ii toka

Mayou you nara omae mo owari darou

Kachinokoru no wa dare ni tayoru koto naku

Onore no chikara wo shinjirareru mono dake

Namida wo nagasu no wa...

Sou sa, ima ja nai

Ah maiagare chigireta hane hirogete

Onaji sadame minna inochi wa itsuka kieru kara
(Itami wo daita mama waraeru toki ga kuru kara)

Ah moetsukite ochite yuku toki made

Nigebasho mo motanu senshi de are Until The Last Day
(Kuruoshii hodo ashita wo motomero UNTIL THE LAST DAY)

Kizutsuita te wo nobase

Kodou ga tsuzuku kagiri

Until The Last Day

2. Tatakau koto ni me wo somukete mo ii sa

Kireigoto dake narabetereba ii darou

Onore ni totte taisetsuna dareka wo

Ushinau kakugo ga are to iu no naraba

Tameiki kobosu no wa

Sou sa, ima ja nai!

Someone who's gonna steal it

Someone who's stolen it

What makes you satisfied?

I guess you'll never know

You want to run away but sense there's

Nowhere left to go.

1. Confused, in your last moments
You seek to put your trust on someone
If you were to do that, that would be your end
If you want to last, do not place your trust on anyone
Believe only in your own strength
Now is not the time...
To shed tears

Ah hover away, spread your torn-up wings
Everyone shares the same fate of fading away
(If there will come a time when you can laugh while you embrace your pain)
Ah burn away
Until you fall to the ground
Be a warrior with no where to escape
(Yearn with lunacy for tomorrow UNTIL THE LAST DAY)
Stretch your wounded arms
So long as your heart beats


2. You can turn your eyes away from the fight
You can fool yourself with sugar-coated words
That is, if you are prepared to lose someone you hold dear
Now is not the time to gasp!