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Well...if Billy has 3 apples and Johny has 2, why don't they just shut-up and eat? This has puzzled me for the longest so if you find the answer please share it.


Ok well... I've been on Gaia since November of 2003.

I was banned from my first account, "Dueoh H.", for complete bullshibi. They claimed that I was offering Gaia Gold for off Gaia materials, which I wasn't. I made a thread asking for help finding a song and I would give the person 5K gold as a thank you for their help.

So someone decided "Well he's never gotten in trouble before. We don't have records of ever giving him a warning... Let's permanently ban him from his account!"

Thanks a lot Gaia, thanks a lot.

I completely HATE the new changes to Gaia. So much so that I had to exodus to a new virtual haven. That haven being MapleStory! But now MapleStory has gone to hell and become so money hungry that it's garbage now.

My IGN on MapleStory is Geoken and I'm a 170 Bowmaster (Cause I has muh freak archer fetish).

@_@ As a request, I'll post one or two pics of myself.

Me And My OMFG Hat
Just some pic
I is an Hannee Mawntanee naow!
More up to date: May 28th

Random old avi art I've done! NOTE! I'm currently better than what's present below.

Examples :

Mayul Again (Mayuls Maple Avi DBZ Style)

Geoken (My Maple Character)

Mayul (My brothers Maple Character)

I also did that picture of Baiken, from Guilty Gear, around the top of this section.

Um... anything else wouldn't be worth slapping in this mess SOOO, get off your lazy curious carcass and ask me some questions if you want to know anything more!


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Hold that thought. Just woke up & I'm gorggy & nauseous so getting my thoughts out is difficult for me at the moment. But I SHALL contact you from my phone. My kidneys have had their share of hell in the past month & a half. Big kidney stones & other fun complications. Just woke & I feel like I'm gonna spew if I even attempt to take my meds & vitamins. crying

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I totally giggled at the term "dingle stone" lol! You have a way with words m'dear! Goodness, all that work & it sounds like you have no time for fun. DO SOMETHING FUN! You work too hard. Seriously, just treat yourself to some good times because it sounds like you earned it my friend! I only go on Skype if I'm told to anyway, so yuppo, send new number if you want. I keep my phone on my nightstand in silent mode, but I browse the web when in bed, so I'll get messages provided I don;t forget to charge it. But I wuv you so I'll always get back to you! heart


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Ken! Where the HELL have you been?! Go stand in the corner, you've been very bad for disappearing for so long. We've missed you bro!
imake choo HarD

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imake choo HarD

I came back to play zOMG only to find out that it's gone. cry
imake choo HarD

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imake choo HarD


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Also, MISTAH, I posted on your FB profile for your BIRDAY and you didn't even acknowledge the posts. YOU DIN'T EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE MA EXISTENCE?

The actual rudity, HMPH. scream

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You should poke me with a sharp stick. I've been awful lately. I'm sorry that I've been shitty at making meaningful conversation. Might be easier to just chat on skype or something soon so we can catch up. There's just been a lot going on. Trying to be there for my mom right now because she's been a mess. My brother was in town for almost 2 weeks & he was staying with my parents so he was kinda keeping her busy & comforting her. Now that he flew back home to Hawaii it's my turn to take care of her. probably gonna help her with Thanksgiving stuff. Usually her & my dad like to go out to eat on Thanksgiving for some stupid reason but this year she's having people over due to the circumstances of my Grandma's passing. I hate it when they go out for holiday dinners anyway. That s**t is cold & impersonal. I like making food at home for Thanksgiving. Haven't celebrated that holiday as a family in years because she always went out & i stayed home to cook.

Been saving for moving the ******** out of here. When we get a better place I'll have you come up & visit. Our place is small right now so it's hard to have people spend the night. But I plan on getting one extra bedroom next time around. So you can stay & we can do a bunch of fun stuff! BTW, Captain crazy didn't move out, he just spent a few months in the nut house last summer. He's up right now, stomping & making a racket in the apartment above us. I've got a headache & I'm ready to smack him for the noise he is making. Ugh!
imake choo HarD

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imake choo HarD

Miss me? Kekeke

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I'm sorry that I haven't written a proper reply. What all that has been going on lately I've been feeling drained & I'm having a hell of a time getting my thoughts together. That, & when I sign on here I've noticed how much of an angry Gaian I have become. This place has really taken a dive.


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