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Well...if Billy has 3 apples and Johny has 2, why don't they just shut-up and eat? This has puzzled me for the longest so if you find the answer please share it.


Ok well... I've been on Gaia since November of 2003.

I was banned from my first account, "Dueoh H.", for complete bullshibi. They claimed that I was offering Gaia Gold for off Gaia materials, which I wasn't. I made a thread asking for help finding a song and I would give the person 5K gold as a thank you for their help.

So someone decided "Well he's never gotten in trouble before. We don't have records of ever giving him a warning... Let's permanently ban him from his account!"

Thanks a lot Gaia, thanks a lot.

I completely HATE the new changes to Gaia. So much so that I had to exodus to a new virtual haven. That haven being MapleStory! But now MapleStory has gone to hell and become so money hungry that it's garbage now.

My IGN on MapleStory is Geoken and I'm a 170 Bowmaster (Cause I has muh freak archer fetish).

@_@ As a request, I'll post one or two pics of myself.

Me And My OMFG Hat
Just some pic
I is an Hannee Mawntanee naow!
More up to date: May 28th

Random old avi art I've done! NOTE! I'm currently better than what's present below.

Examples :

Mayul Again (Mayuls Maple Avi DBZ Style)

Geoken (My Maple Character)

Mayul (My brothers Maple Character)

I also did that picture of Baiken, from Guilty Gear, around the top of this section.

Um... anything else wouldn't be worth slapping in this mess SOOO, get off your lazy curious carcass and ask me some questions if you want to know anything more!


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Just dropping by to give you some love & hugs! thinking about you man! Summer is flying by so fast. I should have a little more free time to talk when Matt goes on his business trip on the second week of September. It's gonna be in Phoenix this year. I hate having him gone for a week! Whatcha up there days?
imake choo HarD

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imake choo HarD


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And ******** auto-correct because I had a STAPH infection, not staff.

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Woah, haha! Congrats on the new car! That's some prettttty big news there. Oh man, you've been working so darn hard. I have not heard from Mayul in ages. Send my love & regards, kay? Things have been good here although back in March I landed myself in the hospital for a few days. Somehow developed a staff infection but the weird s**t is that there was no injury site, no broken skin. Had it in my left leg. Maybe a small shaving nick that was barely visible caused it? I dunno. Was seriously ill though, delirium, dangerously high fever, ambulance called. Yeah... but all is well again so rawr! Matt won $4000 at the casino recently which effing rocked! He's been doing well there, usually goes around payday. Took Rissa to see the Easter Bunny. She was scared shitless but a very good sport about it. Gaia launched the 18+ sister site called Tentacl. Man, you've missed so much!

Oh! Are you at least eating & sleeping well even though you're working so much & keeping so busy? You know I get stern about that because i love ya to bits! Tell me more about life. What else has been happening for you? Did you & Mayul do anything fun recently? How was Easter? I love you man! Matt says hi too! I'm about to head off to bed but I should be back in a few hours. Maybe I can call you later so we can talk. I miss the sound of your voice. cool

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Kendall...Why you wanna ♫ break break, my, break break my heart? ♫

Y u no sign in? I miss you so frigging mushy much! Squishy mushy huggles from Matt & I. I haven't seen you on Gaia in soooo long. Just wanted to know that I lurve yew so much! Friends forevvvvvvvver!

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I don't even know.

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Googilly goo, I need to text you! What's your schedule like? I know you've been ca-ray-zay busy lately. I gotta charge my phone too because I sometimes forget. OH! Mr. Stomper-Clonker came back from crazy camp last month, I totally forgot to tell you. I think he was away at the Nut Hut from Sept. to Jan. but now he's back to slamming around. Ahhh the sounds of home. He's pacing around upstairs right now as we speak. Sadly, I think the voices in his head have been silenced. I don't hear him screaming at the walls anymore, lol.
-Let it G0-

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-Let it G0-

Oh, and thank you ^_^ I like my music too haha
-Let it G0-

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-Let it G0-

Ahhh ahaha alrighty I understand now xD
Umm yes, I've changed my name a few times. I was DaydreamAway and Perfectly Obscure I believe... I think all of my friends are from zOMG or the forums, but I've also had this account for a few years and have just gotten back on in after a good year break, so I don't really recognize anyone anymore sweatdrop


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