Ex-05 Gaian
Asian. California. 20 y/o. Vegetarian.
I'm creating a journal/blog that is updated everyday. Check it out & comment perhaps?
I love random new friends & commenting on people's profile
Chatterbox/Poll/Bump/Lifestyle(issue) whore <3
I like to draw! Currently learning how to draw Gaia avatars.
Samples: [X] [X] [X]
More to be updated soon.
Sometimes I randomly donate to people, if I do I'd appreciate it if you say thanks.
Lets twitter or tumblr
Bi-Curious still.
Business major (Accounting or Marketing maybe)
I pretty much quit Gaia.
Need to go to New York or Japan before I die.
Values your friendship
Get in my pants
Spice up my world
Life is but a dream
Hobbies; Watching chick flicks/anime. Reading manga. Talking. Eating. Etc.

I worked at Victoria's Secret & Bath & Body Works.
I now work at Godiva


I need your randomness and love

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I really hope we could talk maybe more out of gaia, and more into facebook, if you like to. smile I miss talking to everyone on gaia. I havent been on because of serval reason and gaia. lag literally.

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Haha oh your welcome!! I hope you had a good one!
Haha thanks!! biggrin
Of course I'd remember my card buddy ;D
DJ Twissta

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DJ Twissta

They speak Canto in Taiwan right? I can't remember >.< Can you teach me some phrases? D
and acting is going pretty well, I just finished up a play in April :3 Now I'm closing out the semester.
DJ Twissta

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DJ Twissta

LOL, Do you know Mandarin? ;D all I know is Xie xie Dx (thankyou lol)
DJ Twissta

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DJ Twissta

lol noo, I heard today would be a giant moon since it would be close to the Earth! but I must have caught it at the wrong time, plus it was cloudy! lol
What did you thought I meant? lol I'm curious haha
Fallen kyuubi

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Fallen kyuubi

mrgreen happy birthday dude

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Is it your birthday!?! surprised well HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARD BUDDY! Rofl

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What's up. How are you my friend. I havent written to in for ever?


I love profile comments :]<3

We should twitter/tumblr together.