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Weirdmageddon Report | 12/06/2011 12:18 pm
I can RP Romano
Somewhat America and England
and I'm slowly working on trying to get into character with Germany.
Weirdmageddon Report | 12/06/2011 3:12 am

I'm also so use to RPing Lovino that when I try to get France's personality going my mind is like '******** b*****d, STUPID FRENCHY' any more LOL.
Weirdmageddon Report | 12/04/2011 10:47 pm
God I'm so sorry, I can't do this. I keep giggling and stuff, I'm a bad France. ; o ;
Weirdmageddon Report | 12/04/2011 8:39 pm
*He shivers at the contact* Mm, oui~
Weirdmageddon Report | 12/04/2011 8:16 pm
Hmhm~ Oui > w >
Weirdmageddon Report | 12/04/2011 7:23 pm
Ohonhon. If he did come in, I'm sure your awesome would be too much for him to handle and he would leave, non?
Weirdmageddon Report | 12/04/2011 6:56 pm
OHONHONHON~! I can not deny this invasion~!
Weirdmageddon Report | 12/04/2011 6:50 pm
XDD I can not stop raping just because Spain isn't here! I will die without it!
Weirdmageddon Report | 12/04/2011 6:17 pm
Ohonhon. I know I got you there <D
Weirdmageddon Report | 12/04/2011 5:19 pm
Haha! Not as awesome as Prussia though |D

Crap about me

All right to start off ,I figured I can give you some background on myself so you know the face behind the creeper. :3

Okay so:
-Hello, name's Shannon
-I'm a 19-yr-old girl/chick/female/whatever just starting off (and finishing off rather quickly) the first semester of her sophomore year in college.
-Majoring in psychology in the hopes to become a psychologist of some sort one day.
- I'm a girl-gamer and anime fan/otaku as well as a huge nerd. inb4 I'm a fangirl, lol.
- I'm also interested in the theatre and acting
-Currently I'm single and searching for a boyfriend, although I don't really expect there to be anyone on here and...not really looking for someone on here but there it is.
-I like to roleplay, which is the main reason I get on here, but I haven't in awhile.
-I'm part of many fandoms, although I'm not up to speed with a lot of them, so...
-Fandoms I currently have to catch up on: Supernatural (S6), Merlin (S3), Homestuck (Beginning of Act 6) Dr Who (I forget)
-Other fandoms include, ATLA/LOK, MLP:FIM, Hetalia and Disney, although I'm open to trying any fandom, provided it doesn't scar me for life, lol.
-I have a Tumblr (drotaku. tumblr.com) so you should follow me~!

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