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If you're interested in knowing some basics about me then here you go--

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Name: Morgan MakesYouSmile

Age: 19

Likes: Candy, Writing Poems, Writing Short Stories, Working on my book, Traveling, Enjoying A Good Argument, Children, Smoking Cigarettes, And My Cats.

Dislikes: Egotistical People, Selfish People, Ignorance, Being Annoyed, Overly Rich Gaia Pricks Who Don't Know What The ******** They're Talking About, Spontaneous Loud Noise, Fighting, Liars, Cheaters, And Cybering or Sexual Talk Directed Towards Me.

Oh by the way, here's an interesting piece of information for all you ignorant and gold crazed bastards on my profile who I might have seemed to piss off, I've been on gaia for 8 years. Probably longer then any of you other bitches and I'm sick of hearing;
" You're a noob. "
" Noob this-- "
" Noob that-- ".
You know what?
******** YOU.
Grow the ******** up.
It's a ******** online game. It doesn't matter how much gold you have because honestly that just shows how much of a life you don't have. So grow up, get off you're a** and get a ******** life.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message or a comment. I know I may seem like a b***h but I can assure you I'm a very nice and friendly person when you don't come at me the wrong way.

Have a very nice day. ^ -^


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Thank you for buying dear. Have a splendid day~
Nell Warest

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Nell Warest

cool profile ,am glad to have you as friend