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About the nazgul

Okay so i've been in gaia for quite a few years now so i though it'd be nice to try to make a fairly "decent" about me section after all this time, i've been quite the edgy guy saying about me sections are dumb, and they are indeed but that matters not now, My name's Angel, i'm a Mexican and as i already said i've been quite some years in this site already, i don't even remember when i begun but i was quite a reg here. I've sure met alot people here, some weird, some strange, some very interesting, some utterly stupid or just very laughable and some others who i've kept with me after all this time, some others just left with the wind as well as some others just were left forgotten somewhere in my subconcious.
I used to like gaia alot to the point of being in here for hours, almost all day, yes i did have online relationships on here too, shamelessly.
I used to hang out in the metal forums alot as well, since i am somewhat into metal music, rock, and some other genres alot, as you see i like a few things and i dislike alot mor, i'm not really a big a*****e anymore i'm more accesible than i used to be so you visitors could always send a message if you want, which i doubt, anyways this about me is a shout for all the people in here that used to keep me online and interested in Gaia Online but sadly those times are over, guys, i don't want to keep getting online here like those thirty year old losers who still use this place or IMVU as their hangouts because their real life sucks, good friends like A Fair Affair which i never had the chance to talk to them ever again, could never forget my n***a.

Anyways.. for years i never uploaded a picture of myself so i guess i'll leave a new update of myself whenever i have the chance, peace and don't get addicted to gaia, it pretty much sucks nowadays, people.

with hate, Angel.