Call me Drowzy Sheep. I'm a cis female who just likes to use male avatars because some of my favorite items look better on it. I'm an animation major, and I'm currently on summer break. Willing to do requests or commissions until my 3 months of vacation are up.

You can normally find me in any queer topic, or just message me if you're interested in hiring me or getting to know me better.

Some things I'm interested in… I'm into manga, anime, some american cartoons, comics (specifically Lumberjanes), and art of course. I'm lesbian, so naturally, I have a tumblr. Message me if you want to know it. It's just a bunch of weebish things.

I am open to drawing:

-Smut/nsfw- Due to gaia's rules; do not negotiate a deal with me on here. -Message me on tumblr, ask for my email, or whatever. Just know that this option is open to you
-couples/poly/single (lgbt friendly)
-full body/bust

While I usually don't censor anything, nor do I mind drawing a lot of things- I still have rules. I am NOT open to drawing things that could be interpreted as rape. Everything lies in the expressions of the characters. If you ask for smut involving 2 people with the person on the receiving end looking terrified or even crying, I will either refuse or I will change the expression myself.

I am also not into drawing lolicon for obvious reasons.

*all drawings are colored so they all take time*
Drowzy Sheep

My artwork