Call me Drowzy Sheep. I'm a cis female who just likes to use male avatars because some of my favorite items look better on it. I'm an animation major, and I'm currently on summer break. Willing to do requests or commissions until my 3 months of vacation are up.

You can normally find me in any queer topic, or just message me if you're interested in hiring me or getting to know me better.

Some things I'm interested in… I'm into manga, anime, some american cartoons, comics (specifically Lumberjanes), and art of course. I'm lesbian, so naturally, I have a tumblr. Message me if you want to know it. It's just a bunch of weebish things.

x KingofZero x
Seki Asakura
Wulfric Zeffer
Abiding Spring

I am lithromantic/ akoiromantic in real life. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a small group within the aromatic spectrum. Those who feel uncomfortable after being in a relationship with the person they love. Those who do not wish for their feelings to be reciprocated or act upon.