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Art tag:

-Lord of Crimson Desire-drew me a cutie bunny knight. Due to criticisms of his own accord, It will only be shown on my desktop...my phone...pinned next to my framed picture of a bunny....everywhere but on the Internets.

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That art is by: ElEN HOSHlZORA.

Im a sucker for traditional art. Moxdified Rabbit Did this-- LOOK AT THE BUNNY!

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Marionne Crowe drew this as a thank you for my donation. Its pretty awesome.

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This Beautiful Freebie was done by: Lavens

Meikoi Drew the sexiliciousness in the spoiler: Warning, you might just c** all over yourself:
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this is by: elementcrystal

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BeDatKid drew this traditional arts and ti rocks.

-Da image died-
Nico Azure gave me a doodle and I liked it alot. :3

About Blauq:
Age: 20
Sign Western: Capricorn
Sign Eastern: c**k...No, seriously the rooster.
Personality type: ISTP

I am property and mate to Lord of Crimson Desire. He is a dream-sickle that only I am permitted to lick and slobber over. He is really amazing and though he will say otherwise he is. So there is that tidbit...Also I want to do perverse things to his unmentionables.

Look at all this. Look at all that sexy.
I could spam this with hearts...I could write all the letters in the world...But I know full and well they wont ever be amicable.
I serve as his butler.

Some notes:
>I do tend to babble, forgive me.
>Being "AFK" is my lifestyle, be patient and wait until I come back.
>You may find it easier to put me on ignore. I am not easy to deal with.
>My interests are few, my problems are many.
>I have no gender orient. If you must classify me, look at the clothing and use what suits your pallet.
>I am a furry. This is one of my fursonas.
>Dont be afraid to say you dislike me, I surely hate every last one of you in some small way. Who knows? You might find common ground with me this way.
>My fuse is very short, though I smile and reside as polite, do not assume you can pet me, tug on my horns, or call me any sense of nickname, pet name or commandeering term. I will impale you on my head appendages without question.
>Music expresses me, as does writing. I assume these are my hobbies.
>If you noticed, if a song stays on my profile for some time, I am secretly speaking to my friends with the music. Otherwise it will be a piece to invoke a feeling of some type. usually a looping beat. Listen low. What am I saying?
>And if you are wondering, yes I am the master of disguise.
>Oh and...Just to be on the safe side. if you have beef with me, leave my S.O. out of it. Otherwise, you have war. Simple.

Something for the heartstrings:
"I just want someone who will kiss me when I’m mad and lets me cry in front of them and buys me pizza and watches scary movies with me and holds my hand real tight even if it’s sweaty and thinks I’m beautiful no matter what I look like and lets me steal their sweaters so I can sleep with their smell on my skin and who laughs at the same things I do and just never lets me go, no matter how hard I try to push them away." ----Anon.
Crimson, thank you for being that person for me- I am sure you are tired of me yet, but thank you all the same.

Crimson and Blauq =MyOTP smilies/icon_redface.gif

For those wishing to roleplay-- which is unlikely:
Another Spoiler tag for my RPC and things asked about the person behidn the screen.
【The Basics】
[❧]Name: Shigeru Malodrost
--Shigeru: "To grow thick until luxurious/ often considered well in growth"
[❧]Age: 501
[❧]DOB: December 25th
[❧]Age upon glance: Currently 26
[❧]Gender Base: Male
[❧]Blood type: O Positive

[❧]Occupation: Upon blending with the human breed, He has a job as a Host hand at a (Possibly illegal) Hired Escort service and Hostclub. Merely using his ability to persuade and manipulate a situation to his advantage, no one seems to question it as much since he works the floor so well. Outside of these terms he is a high-arching ruler of casted off avian-foul and tricksters. Though all birds reside in his rule, he is known as the "Prince of Tengu" or "The Prankster Prince" for his want to pull pranks and schemes on those who wronged them and himself.

[❧]Breed: Shifter with a slight avian preference; often assumed Tengu
[❧]Sexual Orientation: Chaste, but curious

[❧]Birthplace: Presumed America due to the strong Western accent, however meddled with Eurasian undertones

[❧]Eye color: powder blue
[❧]Eye symbol: A Navy blue Cross in the right eye.
[❧]Eye shape: Round.
[❧]Eye size: Medium.
[❧]Skin color: Sickly Cream.

[❧]Hair color: Reddish Purple/Maroon. but often dyed in various shades as a rebel-like young person would.
[❧]Hairstyle: Wing-flipped with a slight bang.
[❧]Hair Length: Short due to cutting it into styles.

[❧]Markings: Slanted Cross along the left breast. Branded.
[❧]Marking color: Faded scar-- pink.
[❧]Marking size: Medium. Takes up a good portion of the left breast.

[❧]Facial definitions: Faint yet sharp jawline. Narrow with a regal look.
[❧]Height: Five feet, Eight inches. [Sh-sh-short smilies/emo.gif]
[❧]Weight: 202 LBS.
[❧]Build: Slightly pudgy all around when in any avian-form. But shifts often when he sees fit. Partial to being slightly Bishonen-like to attract mates.

[❧]Wings general look: When in flight, Malodrost has Avian-like wings, A wing span of about 7 feet on either side. Very large wings with weathered marks and tears, proving his age and battles attained.They compress and fold into the small of his back when summoned. If unneeded he can cast his wings off. There are markings where wings should be when casted off. Two faint pink lines. Some mistake them for whipping marks.
[❧]Wing Color: Ashen Black and Sickly cream.

[❧]Nether region and Unmentionables: This lovely fellow has two sheaths that is not human in orient. It covers the majority of the dual-phallus and rears back when he is aroused. Like most animals with a sheath, though he may become aroused, but can also keep himself sheathed slightly.To expose his member, he must allow himself to drop it from within him. He is very shy of this and most will be confused if trying to rear him out of it. Thus being Chaste.

【Traits, Personalities, likes, dislikes.】
[❧]Personality: Shy.
[❧]Personality: Serious-- to a fault. You wont find him playing around much...unless he warrants it.
[❧]Personality: Socially lapsed/awkward. Being in crowds is not normal for him and often has problems with communicating things in a public manner.
[❧]Personality: Pin trigger. If he senses that he is betrayed, he will turn on you on a drop of a dime. He is not easily angered, but easy to mistrust someone.
[❧]Personality: Yandere. Mostly twisted. The quiet ones always are...

**Traits happen due to birth and stem off of whom brings him into the world.
[❧]Trait: [Perma] Shifting.
--Tengu: [For trickster purposes]--animal shifting. Mostly birds.
[❧]Trait: [Perma] Flight. Long distances are easy if no heavy winds are at his wings.
[❧]Trait: [Varies with new soul client] Transmutation. Usually to summon a walking suit of armor known as Vermillion Rex. The armor belongs in actuality to the demon within him. The demon is being "housed" in him and it is the obligation of Malodrost to either house the demon or cast it to the final resting place known to mortals as hell. Since he is in charge of the demon inside, Malodrost can use the armor of Vermillion to do his bidding. Usually to collect the mail and go grocery shopping.
[❧]Trait: [Perma] *Ext.) Soul cage. All cage angels are blessed...or cursed with this ability. They keep demons at bay in an eternal "cage" that is their body. IF the cage needs to be repaired or exchanged, they are to die and await a stronger body to hold the demon back.
** Varied traits may change if he dies. He comes back usually with two or more new abilities in exchange for his life. Often he does not recall much of the past until he is greeted with his new assignment. Bummer, eh?

【Speech patterns and other mannerisms】
[❧] He stammers when aroused.
[❧] "Hmmnn." When he is thinking or contemplating.
[❧]A typical sound of disgust or brooding ("Tch") is extended with an extra two clicks at the end. ("Tch-cheht" or "Tch-C'shh-et") Sometimes these are doubled together when he is very impatient. ("Tch-cheht-ch") ...sounding of a click, then a quick, irrataed inhaile, and a shorter click at the end. His sharp teeth and worm-like tongue help amplify the "Tch" sound and makes it very sharp.

**Fair warning: Tier 2 fighter, don't expect grand masterpieces.

[❧]Bladed gloves
[❧]Vermillion's armor and sword.
---[❧]Vermillion's Blade. A white Blade seething with demonic energy. Broadsword. Deep red in color.

【Abilities: as in talents】
[❧]Liberal arts-- Because every sneaky Tengu knows how to work a debate.
[❧]Virtuoso. He is very much in tune with the arts. Musically speaking.
[❧]Shifting. However this is limited to more avian foul and human like transformations.

【Fighting Style】
[❧]Though he does not fight often, he is a summoning character. Vermillion fights for him. The style is that of a Samurai, taking the defensive and very calculating in reproach. IF he cannot get Vermillion to access the armor he will take to practiced self-defense. A stiff kick in the crotch and light feet will aide him with escape.

[❧]Dominant hand: Right.
[❧]Dominant Footing: Right. Stance, Left hand behind him, widespread apart. Wings out.
[❧]Strengths: General obvious points.
[❧]Fail points: General obvious points of weakness..

[❧]Like: Sweets. Chocolate preferably.
[❧]Like: Romance novels. Guilty pleasure.
[❧]Like: Writing.
[❧]Like: tending to his garden. Botany.

[❧]Dislike: Being undercut / betrayed in a sense.
[❧]Dislike: Cleaning large messes.
[❧]Dislike: Retaliation from male or female companions.
[❧]Dislike: Not having what he claims.

[❧]Hats: Fedora.
[❧]Scarves, ties, etc.: A thin black ribbon is worn at times. around his left thigh. --Ties. With his butler/Hired hand uniform, he wears a thick black tie.
[❧]Tops: Dress shirts, jackets.
[❧]Bottoms: Tailored pants. Knickerbockers. Rare chances men talor skirts.
[❧]Underwear set: "Wait, are you asking me about the color of my panties?--- I mean!... I do not wear panties-- how silly!"
---[❧]Description: Scalloped hip-huggers in black or peach with the fabric being lace. Very much a female flare....Yes, panties.

[❧]Nightly wear: "It's basically a strip of cloth..."
---[❧]Description: To cover himself he is usually in a thin wrap. More isolated settings he will sleep nude. Wings a spread.

【Other--The junk no one looks at.】
[❧]Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.
[❧]Favorite color(s): RED, Silver, Rose, Purple, and Black.
[❧]Favorite animal(s): Wolves, Ironically.
[❧]Familiar: Pocket watch.
[❧]Signature: --Malodrost, Prince of the Tricksters.
[❧]Number of times mated (marriage relationship): One.
---[❧]Status:Not even suuure.
[❧]Turn on: Earlobes. (Nibbling them, biting them, etc.)
[❧]Turn on: Wing tipping. The act of interlocking wings in a sensual lock or stroking the upper gauge on the wings. Very intimate in nature...usually not done in public.
[❧]Turn on: Sheaths, foreskin... Natural bodies in general.

[❧]Turn OFF: Overly clingy nature / over dependency. As in himself and others. When He finds himself with his emotions being overbearing, he disconnects from the person. Sometimes for good.

*Ext.【Reference: Soul Cage Extended.】
Souli Cagen.
►Soul cage are the few angels that do not necessarily need to be born angelic or born by angels' mating. Many of them have their lives riddled with dark pasts and extravagant sins. A cage is selected by not the kindness of one's heart, nor the content of their character, but simply, they are decided on their ability to be saved themselves. If, for example a child is born and has a bloody death due to in adulthood being gang affiliated, then they could be selected on their want to fight, but lack of will to be damned to hell. Even more so, someone can be selected at any age. Malodrost was born with the ability, which is a result of a soul cage prior mating with someone with a laundry-list of sin. The presumed soul cage could have selected his or her own offspring to carry on the divine tasks.

--FAQ: If you have a question that is not answered about me or the RPC, Private message me and I will answer it personally. To ensure it is not asked again, the question and answer is recorded here. I name no names unless the question is ridiculous and I wish to shame you heavily. Corrections and edits are made to questions for overall reader understanding. All corrections are forward slashed

Q:"/What/ the ******** is a Soul cage?"
A: "See the above definition."

Q:"This is weird. Is this from /a/ game?"
A: "This is an original concept, I was informed that there is a monster known as a soul cage from a game only recently. As I do not play many games and have legal blindness. I have no definition as to what game my RPC might be confused with. :3 IF you can provide me the name of the game with some information, that would be nifty, I am not the gamer type [see above: blindness x.x] Thank you. "

Q:From Tanillia,
"Do you really hate humans. Out of character [OOC] you are one...So.."
A: "The answer is yes, but with minimal exceptions. In fact have a detest for humanity, however it is spanned different from my RPC. The Tengu-Soul Cage is merely a hater of mortal humans in general. "Specialty human" are his preference. Even still, Malodrost only plays tricks on humans of any sort.The person behind the RPC, [me] cannot stand the cruelty done to the supposedly lesser of the human race: Minority, mentally and physically disabled, hermited/shut in, etc. Because of these reasons, anyone seeming superior I have a hard time communicating with, due to their standing and the overall smug of the person."

Q:"You are an a*****e."
A: "That is an opinion, and not a very creative one."

[❧]Childhood: Pending.
[❧]Teen Angst: Pending.
[❧]Adulthood?: Pending.

【Reference images】
[❧]Will be added when available[❧]

Making Ovaries Explode since 2003

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Forgive The Mess But There Are Letters In This Drawer...

*A letter sticks out of the assorted pile*

Letters directed at persons or things that cannot be expressed without complications on my behalf.



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