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Registered: 07/11/2013

Gender: Female

Birthday: 02/13/1998

About me!

I’m Dreaming Miki, but my friends just call me, Miki.
I enjoy reading, watching anime, Markiplier, playing pixel horror/adventure RPG’s, manga and most importantly sleeping. My favourite activity is sleeping. On average I sleep around thirteen hours a day – and my record is sleeping in until 2pm. Im very proud of that record, aside from the fact it is pure and utter laziness. I like writing my own short stories – but I hardly ever finish them because I lose interest quite quickly.
I am seventeen years old, Australian, Year of the Tiger, Aquarius, LOTR fan, MLP fan, and I was born on the 13th of February. I am known to be quirky and vague when I am around my friends. For example sometimes I like to recite Buddhist sutras and randomly pretend to stab people. My best friend in the whole universe is YAY_FOR_BUBS. We’ve known each other since forever, and we used to go to school together. Fortunately I don’t attend that hell-hole anymore. I’m free from the oppression of high school, and now I get to make my own decisions.
In the real world, I’m pretty shy and I don’t have many friends except for one. When I’m around people I don’t talk much at all, even when I’m with people I know. I like wearing baggy sweaters and cuddling up with my grandparent’s white Maltese terrier, Teddy. I’m a huge Buffy fan (I hate Angel). I speak in a tiny voice – except when I’m screaming my lungs out at my little sister. I also like to draw, it calms me. Despite my shy nature I have a quick temper, (those who have been around me long enough should know) although I try not to let it get the best of me. I hope that in the future I can become a librarian and visit Japan and America. My two favourite Movies of all time are Taken, and John Wick, because they’re both movies about a badass.