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Hello! My name is Haleigh. I am currently 20 years old.
I work at a school with kids with special needs, in college
and I love to travel! I have been to Japan 3 times
and I plan on going to Europe in 4 years.

I play games a bit when I can. I am currently on FF XIV and
I normally play with my boyfriend. I also do love anime and manga!
That is about it, I am honestly not on too much anymore
but I am on here and there! x3

FF world: Faerie
Name: Draining Kiss
3DS Friend code: 5429-8620-6964


DJ S3rl and I
Best Friend and I
In Japan (Golden Temple)
Pokemon Center. Japan
Kandi Kid. Me
Friends and I at Bloodfest (2013)

✖-----Some cosplay of mine-----✖

Crona- Soul Eater
Roromiya- Inu x Boku S.S
Sylveon- Pokemon