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Nefouro Report | 10/15/2016 10:46 am
sometimesalways Report | 10/06/2016 10:06 am
I feel ya. I'm always lookin' for new backgrounds. I'll come up with an idea of where I want Sal to be but we never seem to have the right background. Like today's look, I've always wanted a livin' room set for him. This is the closest I can get. Snow Danger's background is okay but a little too clean for my character. Nice male sittin' legs are hard to come by too.
sometimesalways Report | 10/05/2016 7:00 pm
I think people might use them more if they slipped a few popular colours in, like off-black an' off-white. They kinda tried it with a bit of melon on those summer tank-tops but the price tag was terrible.

I still wear a lot of gold shop stuff mostly 'cause I prefer the normal base over leg mods. Gold shops are the only place I can get shoes.
sometimesalways Report | 10/05/2016 6:45 pm
'cept my hand but I don't think many people still use the Bronze automail. heh.
sometimesalways Report | 10/05/2016 6:39 pm
That sounds beautiful.

I'm not one for a lot of colour but I do like nice rich tones. Pastels are not my thing at all.
sometimesalways Report | 10/05/2016 6:29 pm
Recolours are tricky. My first inclination if I was lucky enough to win a rainbow ticket would be to sell it. There are colour combos I like but I'm more of an item person.
sometimesalways Report | 10/05/2016 6:19 pm
Thank you. biggrin

I think writin' the description was the easiest part of this whole process.
Shilshadu Report | 10/01/2016 4:26 pm

your current avatar is lovely.

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Zedusa Report | 09/28/2016 7:33 am
Hi sweetieeeeeeee I missed you dearly. heart
Gaul Crixus Report | 09/23/2016 2:01 pm
Tell him. Buttdial him.