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Belladonna the Demon Report | 12/02/2014 10:22 am
Beautiful avatar mistress~! your lovely *smile* good job~!
Vyeve Report | 11/29/2014 11:20 am
Who am I?
Midnuh Report | 11/22/2014 6:36 pm
No problem!

Oh and also, thank you. heart lol
Midnuh Report | 11/22/2014 6:33 pm
Serpentine Priestess. 3nodding
Mister Loyal Report | 11/01/2014 7:45 pm
Mister Loyal Report | 11/01/2014 7:39 pm
nope I gave it to someone else cool
Mister Loyal Report | 11/01/2014 7:15 pm
DarkWolfLove Report | 10/28/2014 7:20 pm
Lots of ups and downs. Got a new job some months ago. Very happy with it. But my significant other had to drive back to his hometown to take care of his mother so I've been on my own for seven months now. That's hard as ********. We talk everyday, but I'm more physically dependent than I first thought. I've fallen back into self harm. Got sick on a recent vacation to see my SO. Was in the hospital. IV antibiotics for two weeks. 103 degree fever. Blood in my urine. Scary stuff. Better now, but not back to normal. Major ups and downs.

How are you?? You cross my mind fairly often.
DarkWolfLove Report | 10/28/2014 7:11 pm
You do come up with some great stuff.
DarkWolfLove Report | 10/28/2014 7:02 pm
I'm just glad I got to see it before you switched.
Excellent as always~