Dragon Of The Rose


Birthday: 03/07




Ddraig Asheart
K T Kibika
Medicinal Methamphetamine


Rin >>

Hatsune Miku
Mistress of the Leek

Kamui Gakupo

Sakine MEIKO

Megurine Luka

Rin and Len are often
referred to as twins.
However their name is
"鏡" mirror "音" sound.
They are not actually
brother and sister but
reflections in a mirror.
They were even voiced
by the same person.
Len's character item is
a banana, Rin's is an
orange. They share a
Despite appearance here,
Rin is often portrayed
as Tsundere or outright
mean, and Len much more
bishonen and cursed with
bad luck. (Maybe he's just
wondering what's going to
kill him this time?)

"Gakupoid" is a
He loves dancing, and
has no respect for
those who can't, even
so far as saying that
they should die.
His character item is
eggplant, and voice bank
was provided by Gackt.
He is often portrayed as...
What do you think a
Samurai is like? Right.

Meiko is the older
sister of the whole
group, being one of
the original five
Vocaloids, alongside
Kaito, Leon, Lola,
and Miriam. Her item
is One-Cup Ozeki, a
sake sold in vending
She's a good big sister,
even if a little rough.
(Especially with Kaito,
whom she seems to like
to beat up!)

Miku is the most
popular Vocaloid,
mostly due to a
video of her singing
Ievan Polkka and
waving a leek. The
leek became her item,
and the popularity
of the video contributed
a lot to Vocaloid's
commercial success,
as it increased
interest in the
synthesizer software.
Miku is most often
sweet and slightly shy.

Megurine Luka is
bilingual, she can
sing in English and
Japanese, and her
"voice" sounds more
smooth than earlier
Vocaloids. She is
portrayed as a cool,
somewhat mysterious
bishoujo type, but
loves tuna.

Kaito is the big brother,
similarly to Meiko. He
was one of the first five
Vocaloids, but even though
his voice sounds more
robotic, it can be skillfully
manipulated to produce
very beautiful song. His
item is Ice Cream, which
he is portrayed to value
above all else. Despite
the appearance here, he
really is a sweet heart.
Even sometimes completely
innocent and happy-go-lucky.

Poor Yowane Haku...
Too shy to even say anything.