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This profile theme is inspired by one of my "fan-based" MapleStory series, Maple Fantasy in its 6th series named "Maple Fantasy VI: Sage's Destiny"

Thanks to Paddra Nsu - Yeull for creating this theme! And please do NOT steal any of the pictures that are in this profile theme.

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John Paul is a 23 year old citizen from the Philippines. He finished Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at his age. Loves any kinds of Computer and Video Games most specifically RPG based, he also loves watching movies.

An avid MapleStory player who has loved the Magician branch of classes. His favorite class is the final Hero, "Luminous".


Dragon Cross (a.k.a. johnpaul0331) is a Gaian since November 5th, 2006. During his final year in High School. A veteran and now retired avid Fisher who has won multiple trophies in hand, until his retirement in January 2010. A forum regular and as well an avid zOMG! player since Open Beta. He also obtained his Rare Fishing Mask, Tootin' Tino Mask, which is his personal favorite.