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This profile theme is inspired by one of my "fan-based" MapleStory series, Maple Fantasy in its 6th series named "Maple Fantasy VI: Sage's Destiny"

Thanks to Paddra Nsu - Yeull for creating this theme! And please do NOT steal any of the pictures that are in this profile theme.

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The Wandering Loner's Lore

John Paul, also known as JP or Kite is a 25 year old individual who has stepped foot on Gaia since November 5, 2006. A Fishing enthusiast, a well-loved JRPG player, comedy maniac and a beloved friend.

After several years of hiding himself from the pain he suffered at the loss of his dear friend, he finally manages to come out of his shell and become the man that he had become. Finally free from all the pain, guilt and suffering in his life.

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Friend ID# 9318009429 | Kite

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global
Player ID# 814,740,544 | Kite