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This profile theme is inspired by one of my "fan-based" MapleStory series, Maple Fantasy in its 6th series named "Maple Fantasy VI: Sage's Destiny"

Thanks to Paddra Nsu - Yeull for creating this theme! And please do NOT steal any of the pictures that are in this profile theme.

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John Paul is a 23 year old citizen from the Philippines. He finished Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at his age. Pursuing graphics, photography, journalism and a Technical Service Representative. Loves RPG, Puzzle, Platform and Tower Defense genre of Video Games. He also loves watching movies and spy/espionage TV shows.

An avid MapleStory player who has loved the Magician branch of classes.


Dragon Cross (a.k.a. johnpaul0331) is a Gaian since November 5th, 2006. During his final year in High School. A veteran Fisher who has won multiple trophies, and has caught two different Rare Fish during his competitive months. Slowing making his way to get back in his feet, he needs a helping hand in order to get back what he has lost.