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This profile theme is inspired by one of my "fan-based" MapleStory series, Maple Fantasy in its 6th series named "Maple Fantasy VI: Sage's Destiny"

Thanks to Paddra Nsu - Yeull for creating this theme! And please do NOT steal any of the pictures that are in this profile theme.

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The Wandering Loner's Lore

Name: John Paul, Kite
Age: 25
Occupation: Blogger
Hobbies: Gaming, Movies, Comedy
Gaia Hobbies: Fishing (formerly), Vending/Exchanging (formerly), Chatterbox (formerly), Lurker, Changing Avatars

Brave Frontier Global
Friend ID# 9318009429 | Kite

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global
Player ID# 923,596,522 | Lan