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The Mis-Adventures of Draco!

Just some funnies, maybe comic strips, art or stories.

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I'm always looking for high caliber avatar art.

Just who the Hell do you think I am?

"A real man doesn't focus on the past, but casts his firery gaze to the horizon in front of him blazing a new path toward his destiny."

"When faced with insurmountable odds, will you choose to run? Or will you face what's to come head on and accept your destiny?"

My Journey

Firstly, my avatar reflects my OC. If an item doesn't fit with him, I don't want it.


Dracorex Titan: "Son of the Dragon King of the Old Gods"
Name: Draco (pronounced with a long "A", long "O" ) or Titan (will do)
Age: Unknown
Race: Draconian
Alliance: Whichever Provides the Most Excitment
Bio: As with any Draconian, the one known as Draco is in constant search for treasure. Draconians believe that with riches, comes power. His kind is one of the most ancient of Races, but as of resent times have either been inslaved or hunted and killed for their durable scaled hide for use as armor. He loves fighting in the heat of battle, but wont provoke an un-nessesary fight. He cares not which side he fights for, but has been known to switch sides if betrayed. He posseses the ability to change his apperance slightly, but only qualities of other Draconians. He has been on his own mostly from Hatching and wanders the land. He has been shunded by most of his kind, but doesn't know why. Having been forced to survive on his own, he took any opportunity to train with any weapon he could get his hands on.
Weapons: Trained with many but favors his Sword of Fire.

I was selected to be a Closed BETA Tester (zETA) and proud to be a part of that step in the testing phase of zOMG!
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I have been a crew member of the Sons of Plunder aboard The Black Siren for battle in zOMG!
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My journies have lead me to the Nexus of Battle so that I may join the Blades of the Nexus. My quest for adventure and riches continue.

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Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:28 pm, an announcement was made by the Gaiaonline staff that zOMG! could not be fixed and shut it down.

R.I.P. zOMG!

March 13th, 2017 zOMG! is back! Thanks to Lanzer for spearheading the recovery project.


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Ulrich Revian Report | 03/24/2017 9:55 pm
Ulrich Revian
Haha, no worries I noticed.
The Hell Tutor Report | 03/21/2017 3:57 pm
The Hell Tutor
Same goes to you, I think!
How's life been going for you
The Hell Tutor Report | 10/08/2016 1:16 pm
The Hell Tutor
XD I see that a lot on my knew job. There's a sales team of sorts and they do all the hard work /get the ceo's and others with the higher pay grades do their s**t.

And yet, they don't get neither the pay nor the respect they deserve. XD

Oh well. at least someone is putting the others to work.
The Hell Tutor Report | 10/06/2016 4:08 pm
The Hell Tutor
Went on a very interesting 2 - 3 years long wild ride.

Now I'm working for some British people, my last 6 months having been spent working for microsoft and boy IT WAS TRUE HELL.

I learned worse than people being shitty to you, is you knowing they are full of s**t, see them act nicely, then be proven right at the worst possible time then get sacked.

A lot happened and yet I feel like I started running in place at some point.

like 2014-2015 i was doing great! working customer care for the elder scrolls online then... I dunno.

There were other things but I don't even want to talk about them.

Good news is: I'm good.
Doing better and better.

Trying to keep it like that!
The Hell Tutor Report | 10/02/2016 4:42 pm
The Hell Tutor
Thanks man!

How have you and the family been?
it's been a while!

I even saw shiver recently!!! Remember Shiver?

She even posted on my profile, I just noticed... XD

Emyre Report | 01/25/2016 5:17 pm
Thanks, man. I'd say the same but I'm pretty sure you haven't changed your avatar since the last time I already said so.
Emyre Report | 01/15/2016 10:35 am
Yeah, I've been trying to derp around in it at least once a day. Grindy as all hell but it's a thing. Any tips?
Emyre Report | 01/13/2016 7:47 pm
Thanks. Yeah, I'm returning to my mage-y roots. Little bored of the whole pirating thing. Going for one in every color. cool
Emyre Report | 01/13/2016 11:56 am
Ah, that was it. Bummer.
And thanks, but having something "cheap" to go after might just keep me coming back.
Plus, you know... no idea what I wanted it for anyway.
Emyre Report | 01/13/2016 5:01 am
That's right. I needed someone to keep track of Qixter quotes about this new, upcoming game called zOMG! while my family went on vacation, and she was the first to volunteer.
Real aligning on the stars, that whole thing. Really the only reason I keep trying to come back to Gaia.

And yes, though I honestly can't remember why. I know I had a plan but I can't find it in my list of avatars.
Is that avatar simulator site even still a thing? I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.


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...I will grasp my destiny!

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