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Dracio Inferni

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Gender: Male

Birthday: 10/11




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CielBlueRing- Report | 04/01/2017 5:10 pm
Can you go to Ciel's house with me ?
spx24 Report | 03/10/2017 10:28 am
good evening,...or morning?, just saying have no money now on the game since spent it on this lion avi thing ♪ dw bout making that outfit. whee its cute though.
spx24 Report | 03/05/2017 10:32 am
well i'll leave u to it, maybe see u next when i have time to play again, see you Dracio been fun, maybe will try get more money too. 3nodding
Kara The Blind Report | 03/03/2017 8:27 am
Showing ya some luff...I like that avatar. Thank you!
Kara The Blind Report | 03/03/2017 2:09 am
heart heart heart
Kara The Blind Report | 01/09/2017 1:52 am
this one!
RageHelios Report | 01/08/2017 11:21 pm
Ryu ga waga teki wo kurau!!!!! *shoots at *
RageHelios Report | 12/22/2016 9:09 pm
I mean, I have it on xbox as well :T
RageHelios Report | 12/21/2016 10:18 pm
I got a gaming PC mang. Im downloading overwatch right now, but I also Have Diablo III Doom and League of Legends if you ever wanna play anything sometime.

If you wanna add me on discord (if you have it, and you should, its better than skype) I go by the same username on there.
RageHelios Report | 09/15/2016 4:17 am



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Dracio Inferni

This is Midnight my close friend. talk to her shes fricken awesome!

This is my son. He's a psycho so.....yeah

This is my daughter. Boys, stay away from her if you know whats good for you =.=

This is Witches, A cool gal who will cut you up if you bad mouth her.

This is my brother ody. a swell guy,(when he wants to be)and always fun to be around. Experiences may vary

This is Rage. Leader of the Clan of the Rising Sun. He will roast you if you mess with his comrades, believe that.

This is Sen, one of the most charitable and nicest gaians i know. Its because of sen i can help my friends and other gaians ^^

This is Malinea. A friend of mine and gaia royalty. Careful cuz one miss step and lets just say you wont make another

This is light. She's a handful but a good friend xD

This is Loo Kang. She'll drop you with a FATALITY!