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I noticed hardly anyone actually reads this so putting anything I want to say here is pointless. I guess the most you'd want to know about me is what you see in towns so here goes.
I'm just that random animal on towns, I rarely dress human anymore so I shouldn't be too hard to find. If I'm here alone then you can find me running around aimlessly or hiding behind something waiting to pounce. You might see me once then loose track of me, that's cause I have a hard time deciding what I should wear and constantly switch animals. I don't like it when people randomly ask me what I'm wearing when it only took me a few seconds on the market place to find it so don't ask or I will give you the wrong answer. Anyways I guess that's all anyone would want to know so good luck finding me.

P.S. if anyone does happen to find me and wants to be friends then just be patient, I need to decide if I can trust you people first so don't expect anything big the first time we meet

Also P.S. if you are reading this and we just became friends then CONGRATULATIONS YOU BEFRIENDED A TRANSFORMING DINO er thing or whatever I was wearing when you saw me

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That Raider God Report | 01/08/2016 2:40 pm
That Raider God
Prettieyes29 Report | 07/30/2015 9:20 am
no...that's why I was just saying left a reply in my bottle
Prettieyes29 Report | 07/29/2015 6:35 am
just saying hi biggrin


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