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How To Tame A Dragosaurus

This process may take a few tries, maybe even a couple days, depending on how lucky you are. Dragosauruses are very finicky when it comes to meeting something other than it's own kind, but once you've earned it's trust it will stand by you and gladly burn down any obstacle in your path.

Step 1: The approach
Dragosauruses are very elusive creatures so it's best to approach with caution. A fast approach will scare them off, being loud and obnoxious enrages them, sneaking up on one will make it explode. If you fail here then the reptile will learn to avoid your presence at whatever cost.

Step 2: Trust
Once you get it's attention you will have to work quickly, Dragosaurus are curious beings however, they can only remain still for so long. The most effective way to gain one's trust is by making a peace offering. Early ancestors of this beastl used to accept live bait as offerings, today a simple kind gesture will suffice.

Step 3: Befriending
You will know when the animal is ready to trust you when it lowers it's body and allows you to touch it, in some rare cases it may even gesture for you to ride it. Now will be a safe time to send a friend request, wait a day or so, and if you see each other again then you will be friends for life.


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campanulla Report | 11/14/2016 4:00 pm
Then wtf is a beastl
also y u unfriend bro?
campanulla Report | 11/13/2016 9:45 pm
There's a typo in your bio
That Raider God Report | 01/08/2016 2:40 pm
That Raider God

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