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Ryxon B'Al-Gare is a full blooded demon, and a prince of Hell. In fact, it's his nephew who is currently on the throne.

Ryxon is also an assassin under the employ of the Reapers, Hell's version of a special forces unit. His favored weapon is a scythe, though lately he's begun to despise his job.

His reason for hating his job is that he is the Host of DEATH.

DEATH is an entity closely related to the seven Sins.

DEATH and his 'siblings' have no physical forms of their own, and must share bodies with fitting Hosts.

Ryxon has a complicated relationship with one Cyrano Macomb, a human assassin who plays Host to DEATH's greatest enemy, JUSTICE.

JUSTICE and DEATH frequently oppose each other in combat. More often than not JUSTICE loses the fight, but every so often DEATH is beaten into submission.

DEATH is unbiased and interested in very little other than his job.

He collects the souls of the departed, and on occasion takes a more proactive approach and 'departs' people (human or otherwise) himself.

DEATH has a temper and a wicked sense of humor.

This results in Ryxon, when he loses and then regains control of himself, often being emotionally unbalanced. In a cruel twist of fate, the only person really capable of helping him pull himself together is Cyr. Fortunately for Ryxon, who doesn't see how this is possible, Cyr is always ready to pick up the proverbial pieces and put Ryxon back together again.

The two of them have been dancing this particular dance for years, but Ryxon is starting to grow uncertain how much longer this can go on.

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The Diary of Dr. Taye DeLorian

This is the Diary of Dr. Taye DeLorian, an angel living on Earth and reluctant to return back 'Home.' In this book are contained accounts of his time living with humans (and demons, hybrids, and a vampiric car.)

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General Kim Report | 06/06/2014 4:56 pm
General Kim
Oh, me too. I sympathized with Khint and the Jackal. Meanwhile, defeating Khamer and Profiteur was so, so satisfying (though they have grown on me, hehe).
Musical Trinkets Report | 05/09/2014 12:12 pm
Musical Trinkets
-Nods- I was impressed by that as well, but I think the thing that really stuck out to me was that prior to the day of the mission, there was no contact between the Deathsayers, most of the Institute students and us random volunteers and yet.. everyone just seemed to be able to grasp each others strengths and weaknesses from the start. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that it's unusual for a group composed of mostly strangers to mesh together so well and then kick as much a** as we did. -Laughs softly- I know the deathsayers have had extensive training, so their ability to adapt didn't surprise me.. but I was quite impressed with the students. -Smiles- You should be very proud of them, dear. <3 They handle themselves like professionals. -Bites his lip, grinning- .. hehe, yes I heard that bit about the one named "DJ" as well. Disma described him as "loud, uncooperative, rash and slightly irritating" which I found pretty funny as it takes quite a bit to bother Disma. He must have been a handful indeed. It makes me grateful I was paired up with such lovely individuals.. Cassie in particular was an absolute doll. <3

-Sighs softly- Yes, you're right.. all of you are heroes. <3 The citizens of that city are truly lucky to have people such as yourself and the others who care enough to make things right again.. I don't just mean the supernaturals either.. but the mundane I'm sure had been suffering as well. Those who had lost their friends and were brainwashed to fear those different from themselves.. you got your home back and everyone else did too. In more ways than one. -smiles and chuckles at Ivan's slight blush- Everyone is proud of you, so be very proud of yourself, Ivan. Without you, none of this would have come to pass.. you set the wheels of change in motion, after all. <3

-Gently releases Ivan, clicking softly in affection- Take me at my word, Ivan.. I mean it... -looks down before breaking off into a slight teasing smile in an attempt to will away the heartbreaking thought of Ivan having no choice but to leave the mine for Hell in the future- ... I'll build a bunker and we can keep you there and hide you. Surround you with cute things like puppies, flowers and those little star shaped cookies that Taye makes .. make an anti-...it field and just keep you captive forever. How does that sound? <33

Oh! -Grins brightly, reaching into one of the cabinets and pulling out a vial of barrier dust- Yes, of course you can come, Ivan. The more, the merrier. <3 It'll be a nice, relaxing walk. -Thinks- .. Ohh, yes I'll bet Taye would like to come as well, we'll ask him on our way out. -Laughs, wrinkling his nose at Ivan's comment- ... between you and me though, I think London would happily give up the feeling in his legs if it meant Taye would sit there all day, haha.. but I agree. -Gathers up the vial and a couple of other things, filling up his pockets before heading into the living room- Taye, Ivan and I are going to do a quick walk-around of the property. Would you like to come with us? <3 It shouldn't take too long.
Musical Trinkets Report | 05/07/2014 1:24 am
Musical Trinkets
-Chuckles- Awwww~ </3 Well, regardless of your reluctance to be our lovely muse, I'm sure we can find something for you to do in the shop if you'd like to work some. <3 Actually, we could stand to have our client files organized and our books updated. I know you're very good at organization, and we could definitely use the help. -Clasps hands together- Ohh it's going to be such a fun summer!~ <3 I'm looking forward to it.

-Nods- It was amazing.. how everyone just came together. There was no time for practice drills and not meetings beforehand, well, unless you count the meeting we all had at Cabal's place, but still.. everyone worked so well together. It was impressive considering most all were stranger who had never met. -Listens to Ivan detail the damage done to the city, eyebrows raising in awe- ... oh.. wow.. I had no idea it was that bad. Disma did say there was an incident, but he never went into detail. Oh gosh.. -frowns- .. that sounds really bad, it was very fortunate that not too many people were hurt or killed.

-Smiles- Oh Ivan, that was an excellent idea. A park that will also serve as a memorial.. where both mundane and the supernatural can gather. It'll be a beautiful display of acceptance and brotherhood.. -Laughs softly- your grandma is a real go-getter. I'm not surprised he jumped at the chance to turn your dream into a reality.. i know it'll be a lovely place. -Catches sight of Ivan's frown, resting the urge to scowl in absolute disgust at how the young demon was treated by his parents even after the whole central ordeal- ... I can;t imagine how grateful the families were to be back home.. there were so many of them. You really are a hero, Ivan.. to so many.

-Gently loosens his tight grip on Ivan, lingering with his arms draped loosely around the other's shoulders, allowing Ivan room to rest his head- ... I know.. I know you don't.. -smiles softly- i'm glad you like it here, Ivan. We like having you, and no.. please don't apologize for the length of time you've been here.. or how long you will be staying.. Dis and I, and Xeno and even Bogey.. we care so much about you. You're a part of this family. Like I said, this is your home.. not just a place you're staying. -Frowns slightly at Ivan's words, knowing of his experience after Central with the vision of himself- ... I know.. you stay as long as possible.. as long as you can.. okay?

-Brightens up, hoping to cheer up Ivan as well- Ohh haha, yes. He is still sleeping. <3 I'm afraid it's my fault he's so exhausted though. I don't see how he could have slept well with all my tossing and turning.. i'm half surprised he didn't move to the couch or try to bunk with one of you boys. -Chuckles- maybe he was too lazy to move.

-Stretches out his arms before pulling a large elastic band out of his sweater pocket, hands moving up in an attempt to tie back his long mess of hair- I'm still a bit troubled at your words, Ivan.. i'm going to go ahead and take a look around to see if there is indeed something amiss.. if nothing else, then at least it'll put our minds at ease.
Musical Trinkets Report | 05/06/2014 11:58 pm
Musical Trinkets
Ohh, ohhh I see! Haha. -Grins- Well, then I won't feel so bad for him. Ahh, he is such a nice guy though.. he and Noelle would look so cute together. <33 Well then it's settled!~ I'll write up an internship paper and give it to her during the summer. Hehe, oh i'm looking forward to it. It's always so lively when we have young ones in the shop.. like it gives it a breath of fresh air. I think a friendly rivalship between those two could be very interesting as well... Xeno needs to be pushed a little bit more, maybe having Noelle around will push him to compete. <33 I hope you'll be around the shop too, Ivan. You can be our muse. <33

-Smiles fondly- .. It was really a wonderful experience working with the Deathsayers. Everyone was so impressive in battle.. and working with everyone else. They really are an excellent organization with an amazing leader. -Winces slightly- ohh, I didn't get much of a chance to check out the damage after my mission, but.. i'd say the town was a mess. I do hope that everyone who was displaced gets settled in soon.. especially those we let out of the prisons. I tell you, in all my years of life.. that had to have ranked in up high in one of the saddest sights i've ever seen. -Shakes head- ... I'm glad that Russell and everyone is pitching in to help. Ohh, your grandma is working on a park? <3 He's a florist, right? Oh goodness, that is going to be lovely. We'll have to go see the flowers when it's done!~

-Quietens down, wasting no time before wrapping his arms around Ivan in a tight and loving hug- ... Ivan.. I don't want you to leave. I don't want you to go to Central if you don't want to be there. -Pulls back slightly, gently petting the back of Ivan's head, giving him a compassionate look- ... I know.. you don't have to go back. You can keep in touch with your friends from the institute right here... where you're safe. You don't need to be alone in an apartment either. -Smiles softly- This is your home, Ivan. <3

-Nods- Yes. That would be good for both of you. <3 If I can get Disma out of bed sometime today then we might even tag along for a bit. I need to pick up some fabric and other things for my shop anyway. <3
Musical Trinkets Report | 05/06/2014 10:44 pm
Musical Trinkets
-Laughs, bringing a hand up to his cheek- Oh gosh, poor Zeke.. hahaha. Love his heart. He should have gotten someone to help him though, so all of that work could be shared. Bogey or Xeno would have been glad to help. -Smiles brightly- Ohhh, you think if I offered her an internship, she would accept?? I'l love to hook her up. Even if she didn't want to be in Styx, I'm sure I could find her a place elsewhere. Even in the city, if she wished.

Hehe, i'm completely serious. <33 It is the funniest thing, I swear. Mostly how he tries to deny how much he likes it. It's like, Oh please, I am your mate. We've been married for over a millennia. I can see when you're trying to hide something. <33 I have to admit though, it does look good on him. He almost looks like a panda when he has it on. A big, handsome, muscular panda. <33 -Wrinkles his nose, grinning- We'll catch him someday. Take some pictures and take off before he can get them. If we make it out in one piece, we'll send Noelle a bunch of pictures. Heck, even throw some of us in too. I'm sure she's love to get some pictures of you and Xeno every now and then as well. Especially since she won't have a lot of time to visit much. <3

Mm.. -nods- Well.. it could. I hadn't thought about that. But you're right. You'd be surprised how many things can throw off seasons. Demonic genes adapt to their surroundings.. stress, fear, anything that would compromise mating can send it into somewhat of a "sleep" mode. -Smiles- I'm glad it ended well too.. it will probably take some time for everyone to return though.. hopefully the trust between the supernatural and the ordinary citizens of Central will be able to mend itself over time. Dis and I were thinking about heading up there in a few days and helping out a little bit as well..

-flashes Ivan a soft look- Don't be sorry, you know I worry about everyone all the time anyway. I like to fuss over you all. <33 Now, really.. if this feeling keeps up, you let me know. I'm going to do a quick walk through of the mine and outside just in case there is something amiss. -Hugs Ivan's shoulder- .. just in case it's anxiety though.. why don't you take it easy today, hm? <3 Read a good book, take a hot bath or if you're feeling more adventurous, you and Xeno could go to the bazar. <33 Just.. take your mind off things. -Smiles- you deserve to have peace of mind..
Musical Trinkets Report | 05/06/2014 9:51 pm
Musical Trinkets
-Smiles softly, mock pouting and stirring his coffee- Haha, I still wish I could get her to work in my shop for a while. With her talent and genuine love of sewing, I'm sure she would gather quite the clientele. Ohh, yes the vest suit she made for you.. Ivan, if I were you, I'd put that on a hanger and maybe even put a clothing bag over it to keep it from getting dusty. It is a very special piece, indeed. <33

-Grins, walking close to Ivan and speaking a bit softer, looking around first to make sure no one's listening in- ... he does have a "comfy" item. You know the brown and pink panda hoodie Noelle made for me a while back? Well, i've caught Dis in it more than once. With the hood up too. He says it's because it smells like me, and that could be part of his reasoning but.. -laughs softly- I get the feeling he just plain likes it, haha. <3 Ahh, as for Trinkets, ohh I wouldn't dream of leaving you alone to deal with him. You are right in your guess that he is good at reading others... like unnaturally good. It's a rabbit thing. I'll just have to take you into hiding with me when that day comes. <33

-Walks over to the table, setting down his coffee and folding his arms together- ... restless? Hm.. it seems like it would be a little early for your season to be creeping up in you though.. since your last bout with it wasn't too long ago. -Gently steps forward, lifting a cool hand to Ivan's forehead- ... you don't feel feverish... huh. Maybe... do you sense something.. off? Like a strange vibe in the air? That could be causing you restlessness.. if that's the case, it needs to be investigated.
Musical Trinkets Report | 05/06/2014 9:14 pm
Musical Trinkets
Ohh, and right she would be. <33 Noelle is so bright... and she has the heart of a true couturier. Any garment made with love is more than just fabric and thread. Oh goodness, yes and sometimes there are more than one!~ I know you always look so relaxed in any of your items from your sweatervest collection, hehe. <3
-Grins- .. Ohh, he'll come looking for it one day, i'm sure. It helps that he doesn't wear clothes that often. Just the bare minimum tops for work and home. I'd say I can hang on to this sweater at least until winter comes. <33

-Sips his coffee, yawning as well- .. oh, I'm glad to hear you were able to sleep well. I could barely sleep at all with all the noise Noodles was making last night. I've never seen a shark so desperate to get to a possum. -Tilts head- .. you feel odd? what's the matter, dear?
Musical Trinkets Report | 05/06/2014 8:52 pm
Musical Trinkets
-Chuckles, leaning against the kitchen counter and gently blowing on his hot coffee- Ohhh, that's sweet of you to say, dear. Haha, I am rather comfy today, I "borrowed" this sweater from Trinkets a while back and no matter how hard I try to make an outfit with it.. each time I put it on, it becomes a lazy day staple. I wonder if it's enchanted somehow, haha.

-Smiles brightly, getting a cup down from the top shelf- How are you this morning, Ivan? <3 Would you like some coffee? I just made a fresh pot.
Garden of Weeds Report | 04/30/2014 7:45 pm
Garden of Weeds
-Watches Taye rip off his sleeves, bristling a bit at the sight of more lacerations along the young angel's arm- .. yeah, that is pretty lucky. A weapon like that could easily cut deep, but looks like your coat and sweater did come in handy. Man.. I'm just relieved that it's not any worse than it is. You say she was a torture specialist.. those guys don't play around. Real bunch of sadists. Tch, what the hell could she want with you, though? It's not exactly demonic in nature to want to seek out something that can potentially destroy you or worse.. send you back to the pit.

Mm... -sighs, taking one last look around the valley, wanting to make that nothing lingers- ... well, you've been living here with us for a while, so i'm guessing the last time you met, you were still under Ur-... -pauses, biting his lip- ... the influence of that one angel who is now gone. You weren't exactly in a position to fight back then so.. heh.. I'll bet she really was pretty damn shocked. -Shrugs- Hopefully you won't have to use your grace for fighting as much as you do healing, but.. you must feel good knowing that you can hold your own in a scuffle, yeah? Confident in your abilities and all that.

-Narrows his eyes- ... wow, didn't know angels could do that. Man, we really need to do something about that.. research that s**t or something. I never thought it would be hard for angels to hide from other angels, but It makes sense... since there's that whole angelic brotherhood thing.. what happened to that guy? I never heard about it, so.. guessing it was taken care of too? -Smiles softly, looking down and shaking his head- ... ah, it's not really that I feel bad. Just.. frustrated, I guess. Since it's so easy for a demon's scent to be tracked. You're right though. She could have found a more destructive way in and.. well, it's over now. She came here and you met her at the door, kicked her a** and she got the hell out of here. If she's stupid enough to come back then we'll make damn sure she doesn't leave again.

-Watches Taye get his stuff together to head back in, quietly thinking- ....Ah, oh uh... yeah.. -frowns slightly, looking down at his blood smeared boots and stained coat- ... I'm fine. Just had some business to take care of is all. I had to leave in a rush, but.. should be done.. at least for now. I am kind of tired though, heh. -Walks beside Taye- Heh, you did a lot of nervous baking today then, huh? I will say something.. angels have the best intuition, like.. you felt off even before this whole thing happened. Like you knew somethin' was looking for you. -Smiles, visibly relaxing for the first time all day- .. did you make some babeczki? Those things are so damn good.. yours always taste the best.
Johannes Cabal Report | 04/30/2014 7:05 pm
Johannes Cabal
He did. Unfortunately, they decided to close the clinic AFTER everyone got their this morning. (Everyone who's not a doctor at least.)

Yeah, it's greyish, but it's mostly stopped right now. The frogs like it though.
I can hear them singing away.


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