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The girl behind the avatar

Live a little! you can't be old & wise if you were never young & crazy

[ p.S. you should try it ]

The name is Nisha.

Learn it. Live it. Love it.
Some fun facts about me. =)

Currently 20
Is up for Starbucks anytime and ALL the time
Points and laughs at the stupidest things
Helpful, friendly, talkative and ALWAYS ready for action
A Randomly Random Kid [ AND LOVES IT ]
Is into photography
Needs cereal to function properly
Videogame freak [ THAT'S RIGHT BABEH ]
Hides during thunderstorms
Thinks smiling is the s**t
Is a camwhore
WARNING! Has a laugh like you wont believe
Can be annoying sometimes [ HAHA ]
Maybe clueless and klutzy but is NOT an idiot
Definitely a rare bird
Went M.I.A on Gaia.
Has a sixth sense for detecting the presence of Goblins
Can eat mashpotatoes until she explodes =P



Dr Pshyeah